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Hi everyone :)

Recently I've been asking by a lot of people what song usually I listen to everyday? What player do I use for listening song? Or what kind of song I usually listen when I'm not in a good mood.. So today I'm gonna answer those questions but before I answer them, I want to thank you all for asking me.. Love you, guys :D

Well, I usually listen to the songs using Windows Media Player for Windows 7 because I stay at home a lot.. But when I'm going out, I use my Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 smart phone with Windows Media Player for Mobile application.. In my laptop, I have 2,486 songs, including Asian and Western songs..

When I'm not in a good mood, I love to listen to my favorite singer's song.. For example : Roy Qiu, Vic Zhou, Rainie Yang, Qi Wei, F4, and others.. Listening their voice makes my mood get better.. :)

I have a playlist on my player but I usually change my playlist once in a week.. If you want to know what's on my playlist this week, here they are..

1. Call My Name - 183 Club feat. 7 Flowers
2. Ti Yan - F4
3. Dui Ni De Ai - Genie Zhuo
5. Zhe Yi Miao Zhong - Ruby Lin
9. E Zuo Ju - Wang Lan Yin
10. Gu Dan Bei Ban Jiu - Ariel Lin
12. Bu Gong Ping - Ady An
20. Lan Se Ai Qing - Roy Qiu
21. Can You - Fahrenheit

Well, that's it.. If you notice, you'll find out that most of the songs above are the theme songs of dramas or movies.. And that's right because lately I really like to listen to some theme songs and have a flash back with that drama.. Does any of you like to do the same? :P

Hope you enjoy this post and I'll see you next time :)


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