The Best of Vic Zhou

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Maybe some of you have already read my post about The Best Collection 2001-2009 album by Vic Zhou.. The album contains 32 songs from him.. Since today is Zai Zai's birthday, I want to make this 'the best series'.. It's been so long since I made the last 'the best series', I think..

And today is Zai Zai's big day, so of course I will make The Best of Vic Zhou.. Actually it's hard for me to make this article, because I have listened to his songs for 12 years and I really love all of his songs.. But, I'll try picking the best of the best.. :D

So, let's start now..!!

In Make A Wish album :

1. Make A Wish
2. Ai Zai Ai Ni
3. Po Sui De Yan Lei
4. You Wo You Ni
5. Xin Teng
6. Yao Bu Shi Ai Shang Ni

In Remember I Love You album :

7. Ji De Wo Ai Ni
8. Ni De Ti Wen
9. She Zhe Ai Wo Yi Tian
10. Xing Fu De Bao Zheng
11. Wo Hu Xi Ni

In I'm Not F4 album :

12. Wo Bu Shi F4
13. Wan Mei Ou Xiang
14. Ai Shang Zhe Shi Jie
15. Ai Ni Hen Ni
16. Missing You

In F4 & Theme Songs' album :

17. Wei Ni Zhi Zhuo (In Meteor Rain)
18. Zen Me Hui Shi Ni (In Fantasy 4ever)
19. Can Nian (In Waiting for You)
20. Shou Xi De Wen Rou (Silence Theme Song)

If in other 'the best series' I always write my favorite album & my favorite song in the end, in this series, I really can't write one since I love them all.. Still hope you enjoy & I'll talk to you soon :)


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