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Hi, everyone.. :)

I have many requests of the theme songs of Office Girls (Xiao Zi Nu Hai Xiang Qian Chong) so I've tried my best to collect some information.. Based on the info I have, Office Girls will not release a theme song album since all the theme songs have already been released by the singers themselves..

But I have already got the theme songs for you.. Here is the list..

Office Girls Theme Songs

1. Bu Yao Bu Yao - Genie Zhuo (Opening Theme)
2. Xiang Fei De Zi You Luo Ti - Genie Zhuo
3. Gou Le - Genie Zhuo
4. Hao Peng You Zhi Shi Peng You - Yisa Yu
5. Shang Bu Qi - Yisa Yu
6. Wei Jia Xing Fu - Yisa Yu (Ending Theme)

All the theme songs are from Genie Zhuo's album, Just The Way I Am and Yisa Yu's Wei Jia Xing Fu..

Please let me know if there is any song missing..

 (click here for Wei Jia Xing Fu lyric)

(click here for Bu Yao Bu Yao lyric)

(click here for Xiang Fei De Zi You Luo Ti lyric)

Hope you enjoy the songs & until next time.. :)


PS : I do not own all the picture I used above.. All pictures are credited to Office Girls Official Website & other sources~


stiven martin said...

I like this film
I like all characters this film
I like all song this film
so please on you again for a new film

Yesica said...

me too.. i love this film very much :)

angeloveb2st said...

i'm so into love with this drama..watch it so many times..

angeloveb2st said...

i'm so into love with this drama..watch it so many times..

Yesica said...

me too.. this is my favorite drama of the year.. :D

Bang Tuyet said...


Hi there dear~
I am sorry if there is any annoyed you here, but i also felt in love songs in this movie.
I am trying to find the song background at the end of video clip ( in movie scene cut) above.

When you have time, i am very appreciated if
you see it and know it, please help me!
Thank you indeed!

Yesica said...

hi dear.. :)
no, it's not annoyed at all.. actually that is my favorite scene of the drama and i love to watch it once more..
the song at the end of the video is Xiang Fei De Zi You Luo Ti by Genie Zhuo..
you can download the song in the link above..
thank you for visiting my blog :)

Anonymous said...

hi dear,

thanks for sharing the songs with us^^
Can you help me to find the piano version of the Xiang Fei De Zi You Luo Ti by Genie Zhuo? the piano version appears every time they wanted to kiss,it's so sentimental...please help me to find it..

thanks so much!

Yesica said...

sure, i'll look for it immediately.. please stay tune to this site & i'll upload it soon..
thank you, dear :)

chelichela said...

Does anyone know where I can buy the season with English subtitles. Besides Amazon or Ebay?

Yesica said...

dear chelichela,
maybe you can try YesAsia.. or if you want to stream it with English subtitle, you can watch it on Viki or Mysoju.. :)

Unknown said...

how come on viki it's all rejected from DailyMotion as private? how do i use viki to watch it?

Yesica said...

yea, sometimes you can't play some videos (such as from DailyMotion) on Viki.. what drama you wish to see? maybe i can try finding it for you.. :)

aciiel Bsns said...

i like it,.

aciiel Bsns said...

I like it,.:)

Yesica said...

thank you :)

migraziele said...

OMG LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE UR BLOG SO MUCH!!! it's amazing! good job! thank you!!

Yesica said...

thanks you.. i'm really happy to know it.. btw thanks for visiting here too ^o^

Anonymous said...

i love this song-wei jia xing fu.

Anonymous said...


Nicos said...

What a best Drama Movie ..
Good Actor and Actress ..
And I Like Tia Lin so much .. ^^

Anonymous said...

minta link lagu yang ini dong

You zhong qímiào de fenwéi zhèng toutou yinyòuzhe wo zhuisuí shòushang xiao gou you ni anwèi chénshuì de xin kefou yiwei
Jiào xing wo de shì ni de xiangwèi dengdài zhè xinqíng de píbèi zhè xiànjing shì ni zhunbèi diào xiàqù bù fángbèi ying'ér
I can never never never never true like u and i'll never never never leave u

Yesica said...

ah ya, me too, love that song very muchoo :D

Yesica said...

yaa, i agree with u Nicos.. love this drama very much :D

Anonymous said...

I love this drama too! I'm looking for one more song that I heard from this drama and cant find the name of the song or the artist :S.

Below is a clip of the song I'm looking for.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much !!! Was looking for those for some time already ! <3

Samz95 said...

hmmm anyone here have bu yao bu yao instrumental/off vocal version or piano version?? please tell me if you have it

Anonymous said...

Here is the link of the song you're looking for :

Sil San said...

Thank you! The songs are very catchy!!

Anonymous said...

muchas gracias por la URL! Me encanta la música de esta novela!

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