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Recently I felt a little bit miss my past times so I just browsing on the internet to find my favorite old drama, and I found many.. There are At The Dolphin Bay, 100% Senorita, MVP Lovers, and for the most favorite one, Love Storm.. :)

Then I felt like I want to look for its soundtrack.. I really like Jue Ding Ai Ni by Vivian Hsu and also the ending theme, Wo Hu Xi Ni by Vic Zhou.. After listening that songs, suddenly I miss my school time when I really like to watch Meteor Garden after school and bought a lot of magazines that has F4's posters as its bonus..

So I decided to write this story in my blog..

I like F4 so much.. Based on my opinion, from all version of F4, the best is Taiwanese F4.. *no offense*

That's why I decided to review all F4's album and of course, the member.. :)



Meteor Rain (Liu Xing Yu)

Year : 2001

Track List :

1. Liu Xing Yu - F4
2. Wo Shi Zhen De Zhen De Hen Ai Ni - Jerry
3. Here We Are - Ken
4. Shui Rang Ni Liu Lei - Vanness
5. Wei Ni Zhi Zhuo - Vic
6. Di Yi Shi Jian - F4
7. Yao Ding Ni - Jerry
8. Ni Bu Ai Wo Ai Shui - Vanness
9. Ai Bu Hui Yi Zhi Deng Ni - Ken
10. Zui Te Bie De Cun Zai - Vic

My Review :

I think it is a really good album.. The songs are so good and as for my favorite is Wei Ni Zhi Zhuo by Zai Zai.. I really love this song.. :)

This is a screen shoot from Di Yi Shi Jian music video


Fantasy 4ever

Year : 2002

Track List :

1. Jue Bu Neng Shi Qu Ni - F4
2. Yan Huo De Ji Jie - F4
3. Ai De Ling Yu - F4
4. Yi Ge Ren De Dong Ji - Vic
5. Qing Tian - Ken
6. Dang Ni Shi Peng You - Vanness & Ken
7. Te Amo Wo Ai Ni - F4
8. Zhi You Wo - Jerry
9. Xin Li Ce Yan - Vanness
10. Zen Me Hui Shi Ni - Vic
11. Ask For More - F4
12. Can't Help Falling In Love - F4

My Review :

My favorite song from this album and also my favorite F4's song is Yan Huo De Ji Jie.. This song is really romantic and I really like it..


Waiting For You

Year : 2007

Track List :

1. Ti Yan - F4
2. Zai Zhe Li Deng Ni - F4
3. Ni Shi Wo Wei Yi De Zhi Zhuo - Jerry
4. Listen To Your Heart - Vanness
5. Can Nian - Vic
6. Ai Bi Ting Zhi - Ken
7. Qi Tian - Vanness
8. Bai - Vic
9. Wu Suo Wei - Ken
10. Wo Mei You Ban Fa Li Kai Ni - Jerry

My Review :

I think they changed a lot in this album.. Their appearance, their hair style, and I think their voice is also improved a lot.. As for my favorite song in this album is Zai Zhe Li Deng Ni..



Because of his role as Dao Ming Si in Meteor Garden, Jerry is counted as the leader of F4..

Dramas :

Spicy Teacher
Meteor Garden as Dao Ming Si
Meteor Rain as Dao Ming Si
Love Scar
Come to My Place
Meteor Garden II as Dao Ming Si
The Hospital as Su Yi Hua
Hot Shot as Dong Fang Xiang
Pandamen as Cameo
Down With Love as Xiang Yu Ping

Movies :

Magic Kitchen

Album :

Jerry for You (2004)
Freedom (2009)
My Secret Lover (2010) (New + Collection Album)


Dramas :

Happy Campus as Jia Bao
Marmalade Boy as Yuu
Meteor Garden as Xi Men
Poor Prince as Ho Fu
Meteor Garden II as Xi Men
Sunflower as Xiao Long
Hi! Working Girl as himself
Come To My Place as Tian Jian
Love Storm as Wan Bao Long
City of Sky as Lu Bin Fei
The Legend of Chu Liu Xiang as Chu Liu Xiang Chuang Qi
Wish To See You Again as Ding Yu Hao
Momo Love as Chen Qi
Remember, About Us as Luo Jia Jun

Movies :

Sky of Love
Dongjing Shenpan
Batanes : Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan

Album :

On Ken's Time (2005)
Getting Real (2009) (New + Collection Songs)


Dramas :

Meteor Garden as Mei Zuo
Meteor Rain as Mei Zuo
Meteor Garden II as Mei Zuo
Peach Girl as A Li
Come To My Place as JJ
Say Yes Enterprise as Song Zhen Kai
Wish To See You Again as Leo
Autumn's Concerto as Ren Guang Xi
Year Of The Rain as guest star
Material Queen as Cai Jia Hao

Movies :

Star Runner
Dragon Squad
Kung Fu Fighter
Three Kingdom : Resurrection of the Dragon
Kung Fu Chefs
The Haunting Lover
1040 Movie
The Road Less Travelled

Album :

Body Will Sing (2002)
V.DUBB (2007)
In Between (2008) (New + Best Selection)
Reflections (2010)
C'est La V (2011)

Book :

Daydreamer (Autobiography)


He is my favorite member of F4 and also one of my favorite singer and actor.. Sometimes I feel that Zai Zai is a little bit look like Qiu Ze (or maybe I should say Qiu Ze looks like Zai Zai since Zai Zai is 4 months older than Qiu Ze?) :p

I don't know but when I saw him on dramas, I feel his gesture looks like Qiu Ze, especially on Mars and Love Storm, but maybe Qiu Ze is more charming while Zai Zai is cuter.. I really can't believe a 30 years old man still looks that cute.. :)

Dramas :

Meteor Garden as Hua Ze Lei
Poor Prince as Shan Tian Tai Lang
Meteor Rain as Hua Ze Lei
Come to My Place as Zhang Zhong Yuan
Meteor Garden II as Hua Ze Lei
Love Storm as Lu Ying Feng
Mars as Chen Ling and Chen Sheng
Silence as Qi Wei Yi
Sweet Relationship as Fang Zhi Tian
Wish to See You Again as Xu Le
Black and White as Chen Zai Tian
The Last Night of Madam Chin as Sheng Yue Ru
Home as Su Tai Ying

Movies :

Tea Fight
Love You for Ten Thousand Years
Live with Fashion
Match Made in Heaven
Saving General Yang

Album :

Make a Wish (2002)
Remember, I Love You (2004)
I'm Not F4 (2007)

Book :

Travel Dream (Picture Book) (2002)
4Faces (Picture Book) (2006)

If you want to have a nostalgia (like me) with F4, you can check out their music video by visiting F4Vevo onYouTube..

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