My Top 10 Favorite Drama Series

Hi, everyone.. :D

I guess you must be wondering why I talk about drama series, isn't this a music page??

Yes, it is.. It's about music but somehow music and drama can't be separated, isn't it? *wink*

Actually, I suddenly want to tell you what is my favorite drama ever but I won't only talk about the drama but of course the theme song as well since a good drama won't be good enough without the theme song.. ;)

Okay, let's begin!!

Easy Fortune Happy Life

(Firstly, I apologized to all Lan Cheng Long's fans since I use this picture and not the one that is used for the DVD cover since I really like this part when Han Dong Jie said he will always protect his most important person in his life, his grandpa and Xie Fu An)

This is the first drama that made me couldn't stop watching.. I remember I only spent 3 days to finish this drama.. It's really awesome and the story is great.. This is the best drama ever..

Actually I like Han Dong Jie more than Yan Da Feng.. I usually like the main character but this time is different because I think Yan Da Feng character is so evil, although in the end he is quite touchy but if I were Xie Fu An, I will still choose Han Dong Jie.. He is really a gentleman and I cried a lot because of him..

For the theme song, my favorite one in this drama is the ending song, Jiu Yao Xing Fu Le by Ren Ma and also the insert song, Li Kai Bei Shang by Van Fan

Fated To Love You

I bet everyone agree that this is really awesome and loveable drama.. Yes, I like this drama so much.. The story is really interesting and both of the main character have a real good chemistry.. Ethan Ruan looks so cute and handsome in this drama, and so does Chen Qiao En..

The story is funny yet touchy.. I cried a lot when Chen Xin Yi lost her baby.. I really dislike Anna, but my cousin like her very much.. I wonder why.. LOL~

My favorite theme song in this drama is Ban Qing Ge by Yuan Ruo Lan

The Girl In Blue

 Another drama that is played by Qiu Ze and Chen Qiao En.. It is also my favorite drama.. I still love it although I am really disappointed with the ending.. I hope Ruan Zheng Dong didn't die on the surgery..

This drama is really sad but still I had a good time when I was watching this.. Some funny scene was inserted here so you still can laugh when watching this drama, but I warned you to prepare a bunch of tissue because I guarantee you also will cry a lot.. :p

The best theme song that is used on this drama based on my opinion is the main theme, Ai Qing Di Yi Ke by Xian Zi

Hi, My Sweetheart!

This is another funny drama series I've ever watched.. Both Rainie and Alan were so hilarious here.. I really love the Pink Panther scene.. Da Lang, Da Lang, Da Lang Da Lang Da Lang Da Lang Da Lang~ ;D

I think Rainie is better in this drama than when she played in Devil Beside You or Why Why Love..

As for my favorite theme song in this drama, I will choose In Your Eyes by Rainie Yang and Alan Luo
(PS : If you haven't seen its MV, you should watched it.. They look so cute together in that MV)

Autumn's Concerto

It is another great drama.. The story is interesting and I love Ady An here.. She is really pretty and I don't know why but I always want to cry when I see her cries.. Vanness also looks great here.. Not like his role on Meteor Garden which he played as a playboy.. In this drama, he really looks like a good papa..

Xiao Xiao Bin is very cute and I really want to touch his cheek.. LOL~

My favorite theme song on this drama is the main theme song, Wo Ai Ta by Della Ding

Love Keeps Going

If you followed me on this blog, you will know that I've just finished watching this series a week ago.. It is really funny and I like both Mike He and Cindy Wang.. They looks nice together..

The most favorite part on this drama is when Han Yi Lie keeps talking about bread's corner.. It is really funny, I think.. And actually I like Mike He in this drama since he is really touchy.. He played as a man who can do everything just to prove his love..

And for the favorite theme song, of course I will recommend Xin Zhong De Hua Yuan by Mike He

I Want To Become A Hard Persimmon

 This is 2007 Taiwan drama series.. I don't know why it didn't become very popular like other idol dramas but I think this drama is really good.. It's funny and hilarious.. I really like Ruan Shi Zhi and Sun Shi Shi.. They make a really cute couple.. More over, I love Ivy Chen very much.. I think she is pretty and cute.. Can't wait her next idol drama, Skip-Beat! that is adapted from a Shoujo Manga, Skip-Beat!

The theme songs that are used on this drama are good.. But I like mostly is Jue Ding by Fang Ya Xian

If you want to download this drama's theme songs, simply click here

Drunken To Love You

Another funny drama from Rainie Yang.. I think she and Joseph Zhang made a funny couple here.. Although I don't really like Rainie with short hair but she is really sweet and cute..

I laughed a lot while watching this drama.. They both are really funny, especially Joseph's expression.. You should watch it yourself.. His expression is really silly and funny..

As for the theme song, I will recommend the ending song, Hao De Shi Qing by Yan Jue

Love Waking Up / The Prince Who Turns Into Frog

 Fyi, Love Waking Up is a remake from Prince Who Turns Into Frog so the story is similar.. So, you decide yourself, which one is better.. ;)

As for me, I like Love Waking Up better.. It's not because I don't like Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En.. Truthfully, I like them both, especially on this drama but I think Qiu Ze has more white-horse-prince look..

For Love Waking Up theme song, I choose Xiao Jiu Wo by JJ Lin featuring Charlene Choi and for Prince Who Turns Into Frog theme song, I choose Mo Fa by 183 Club

My Queen

This is another great drama that is on my top 10 list.. Ethan Ruan acted good in this drama.. And he really can touch my heart.. He acted as a young but really mature boy.. I like how he is truly madly deeply in love with Cheryl Yang.. If you haven't watched it, I really recommend this drama for you..

As for the theme song, I really like Mei You Ru Guo by Fish Leong

PS : If you want to get the mp3 for the soundtrack I mentioned above, please leave your comment below so I can send them to you.. :)


Namaku Jatu said...

Wow what a reference. I had my fair share of K-Drama for the holiday, I certainly dont mind side tracking to T-Drama. A huge thanks.
I love Chen Qiao En and wish could watch all her drama(only the good ones though). On "Love waking Up" vs "Frog Prince" I couldn't agree more with the fact that Roy Qiu is a better prince hehehe...yet I felt Ming Dao and Qiao En have the best chemestry but, i should say this, I hate her outfit and hair style. I mean, regardless -staying-true-to-charater thing, they should have dressed her more appropriately.
And despite the awsome performance by Roy Qiu, I still prefer the old version better since I can actualy cry when they cry and smile when they laugh, which I cant seem to do in Love Waking Up.

While waiting for Qiao En new drama The Queen of SOP, which I think she look amazingly beautiful, I am gonna go to the DVD store n get some of the drama from your list that I haven't watched yet.

Btw, shout out from Depok City. (just love having indonesian who writes their blog in Eng)

Yesica said...

glad to know that this article can help you..
oh yess, about Love Waking Up and Frog Prince actually I hate Tang Yan in Love Waking Up.. I like Chen Qiao En more.. and I do agree that MingEn have the best chemistry.. but however I still love Roy and Qi Wei.. actually I rooted for Qi Wei in Love Waking Up although I know it's impossible.. haha~

btw glad to know you love Qiao En & you're also from Indo.. me too love Qiao En very much.. she is a very talented actress <33

greetings from Tangerang, then ^^

Namaku Jatu said...

Yesicaaa... I didnt get the Happy Fortune Life and Love Keeps going as I planed to, but I did end up watching the rest of the list. I LOVE Girl in Blue. The fact that the ending is so tragic makes one of those the drama you cant easily forget. It sticks in your mind. I cant even sleep peacefully after watching the ending hehehehe.
I am streaming for SOP Queen now and can wait for Miss Rose to start airing.

Yesica said...

glad to know you love that drama too.. the girl in blue is still be my favorite until now ^^

and definitely agree with you, the ending is so tragic.. i remember i cried a lot when watching that one.. i think i will re-watch it again now.. :D

wow, has SOP queen already airing? i want it too.. dunno where i can stream for it.. do you have any idea? :)

Namaku Jatu said...

You can watch it on Viki or you can go to youtube, they up load it supper fast. While Viki is on the 12 ep, you can find ep.18 by now on youtube.

I've learnt my lesson and just gonna wait for the dvd instead. I so totally lost in translation. I love the fact that they didn’t dub the drama. I heard it’s a rare thing in C-drama (The Girl in Blue is dubbed hicks..)
You can hear Hans Zhang’s sweet little voice which contrasts greatly with Ming Dao’s who plays as Zhang’s best buddy (Yey..bromance).
After watching The Girl in Blue, I need to see a happy Qiao En. So I hope the drama would deliver.

Yesica said...

thanks for the info ^^

and yes, they dubbed The Girl in Blue and there are many Mainland drama that dubbed the original voice, such as Love Waking Up..

but it's good that they didn't do dubbing with SOP queen.. me too, really expect a lot of fun in the drama :D

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