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Hi, guys!!

Let me introduce you to my page nevergetenough.. I really wish you can visit that page (just click at the underlined word) and support me by subscribe to that channel and read my story.. I'd be very glad if my story can inspire you..

I'm still working on my story right now, but I think it'll take some time since I'm quite busy with my college.. I almost graduate so I should put extra effort on my final project.. But I still wish you can read my story and please be patient to wait me finished that story for you.. :)

Maybe some of you wonder why I named all my channels "never get enough".. Actually it's simple, like a child that always wants more and more sweets, candies, chocolates, and cakes.. In fact, every people is like a child.. They can never get enough for everything they love.. That's why I named all my channels like that because I think I'll never get enough to music, word, thought, and love..

In my opinion, there's no such a thing like no inspiration.. I think inspiration may come from everything.. As for me, I usually get inspiration from watching movie, listening music, reading book, and also from simple everyday things like chatting with friends, taking a bath, or maybe just walking in the streets and see many ordinary things..

But actually, my biggest inspiration come from my idol, Roy Qiu Ze.. He always inspired me in many ways.. By listening his songs, I feel my spirit comes back.. When watching his movie, or TV series, I feel my mood is better.. And my inspiration usually comes from his blog.. All he says is really inspired me..

I admit, at the first time I visit his blog is because I only want to know about him since I like him very much, but then when I explore that blog, I'm really thankful I found it.. Now, it gives me so much inspiration.. :)

That's why I decided to make a story with him as the main character.. This story is dedicated for him because I really want to thank him a lot for inspired me for all this time.. Xie xie ni, Qiu Ze.. ;)

P.S. : I do not own that pictures.. I just get it from many sources via Google..



JesslynWijaya said...

may i know what the name of roy qiu's blog ? i want to know because i like him too since i've watched love waking up :)

Yesica said...

sure, try visit http://roysays.blogspot.com/
And I will recommend you to watch Easy Fortune Happy Life.. Although Roy is not the lead character but he is way more better than Blue (I think).. :)

JesslynWijaya said...

okay, hahaha thankyou so much sist :)

Yesica said...

you're welcome anytime :)

JesslynWijaya said...

now i want to watch office girls, but i haven't found the cassette. so did you have been watching it ? :)

JesslynWijaya said...

oh yeah, btw, i'm very pleased because i can find out yours blog. cz i think we have some similarities :)i also like taiwan dramas, and im very agree with your top ten favorite taiwan dramas :)and we also have the same idol like Roy Qiu. but i have favorite idols besides roy, like aaron yan from taiwan and mario maurer from thailand :)do you have other idols ? :)

Yesica said...

no, I think the dvd haven't been released yet.. but I watch office girls at viki.com.. you can try watching it there :)

so glad to hear that.. if you don't mind you can follow this blog to get info about new update from this blog.. :D

besides roy qiu, I also like ethan ruan & vic zhou from f4.. and yes, I also like mario maurer, he is super hot.. have you watched Love Summer? it is mario maurer & bayfern new movie.. and I also heard they will released crazy little thing called love 2 on summer 2012.. I can't wait it.. :)

JesslynWijaya said...

yeah, me too :) okay,i can't wait to see roy qiu again :D

followed :D

wow, yeaah he is super duper cute , hot n handsome. :D i haven't been wathed it. how 'bout you ? wow.wow before, i didn't know that mario maurer has a new movie, thankyou for info :)
omg, im really happy if that's true, im really can't wait too :D

JesslynWijaya said...

hmm, are you sure that mario maurer play in the love summer ? i was just looking for the info on google, and there's not to say that mario maurer participated in the film . hmm :)

Yesica said...

thank you :)

oh, I'm very sorry for the info.. I saw Love Summer banner on a web on Sept 2011 and it is said that this movie will be played by Bayfern and Mario but I think they changed the role into Thanwa Suriyajak.. I'm really sorry.. :(

Yes, me too, I really want to watch crazy little thing called love 2.. they said that movie tells about Chon & Nam's life after they married :)

JesslynWijaya said...

okay, urwelcome :)

No problem sist :) but unfortunately the cast was replaced by thanwa suriyajak, because i'm really like bayfern and mario playing together like in crazy thing called love :(

oh, im really can't wait. i think this movie definitely exciting and fantastic :):D
but if that's true , i think it looks like "it started with a kiss" and the season two "they kiss again" :) hahaha

Yesica said...

yes, i also really like to see bayfern & mario together in a movie again.. and maybe in real life, i think they can make a cute couple.. :)

me too.. i also can't wait to watch the sequel.. yes, it's a little bit looks like it started with a kiss & they kiss again..

btw, have you watched In Time With You?? it also have a great story & cast.. :)

JesslynWijaya said...

yes, i'm agree with you :D


not yet, are you sure ? hehhe :D
what do you think if we acquainted each other ?
maybe we can be friends :)

Yesica said...

yes, I've watched 3 episodes and so far, it's very good and funny.. the casts are Ariel Lin & Wilson Chen.. they looks cute together.. :)

sure, why not.. i also want to be friend with you..

tell me, how can i contact you? if you think it's not comfortable to tell me your contact here, you can send me via email at ms.green99@gmail.com :)

JesslynWijaya said...

okay, i'll try to watch it :D

hahah, thankyou :)

do you have bb ? maybe you can tell me your pin :)
or your facebook maybe :D

okay :) hhehe

JesslynWijaya said...

yes, i'll try to watch this :)

oh, i'm happy to hear that, thankyou :)

hmm, btw , do you have bb ? maybe if you have, you can tell me your pin :)
okay :)

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