Music for Me & My Music

What is music for you?
For most people music is just something that usually be heard in some place at some time..
But for me...
Music is some special thing..
Something that can cool my head,
something that can warm my heart,
something that can refresh my mind,
something that can understand my feeling,
something that can give me inspiration,
something that can make me cry,
something that can make me smile,
something that can make me sleep peacefully,
something that I love,
something that I miss,
something that can connect me to others,
something that always by my side..

I've composed my own song long time ago.. At that time, I'm so frustrated and somehow, melodies came to my mind, words just flow like a river.. That was how it happened.. It's not good, I admit.. I'm not a pro so I can't say any good thing about that.. But still, I like it.. However that's the first song that I made myself..

So, don't be afraid to make your own thing.. Music, poem, story, or even life.. Just go with it because time could never go back.. Just be yourself..!!

Until next time :)


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