Raise Your Voice because Someone's Watching Over Me

Hey everyone.. :)

In this last 2 days, I keep listening Best of Hilary Duff.. I think all songs on that album is gorgeous and I like how Duff sang all of those songs.. That album was released at 2008 but it is still so amazing.. The album contains my favorite Duff's song such as Holiday, Fly, So Yesterday, Wake Up, and many more, but I feel so sorry that it doesn't contain my most favorite song of her, Someone's Watching Over Me..

I really like that song since the first time I heard it on her movie, Raise Your Voice.. I heard that song many years ago and I remembered that I cried when I watched that movie and this song fits the movie very well.. That movie is about a girl that lost her lovely brother.. I'm so touched by this movie and I really like the song that is sung by Hilary Duff at the near end of the movie..

So, as I listened to her album in this last 2 days, suddenly I miss that song so much.. That's why today I want to share with you this song.. Hope you also like it as I do.. Here is the video from Raise Your Voice.. Enjoy!!

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