Autumn's Concerto Theme Song [DOWNLOAD LINK FULL] *UPDATED*

Hi, there..!! :)

Today I just want to give you a link to download full theme songs of Autumn's Concerto (Xia Yi Zhan, Xing Fu) because recently I know that this album hasn't been sold in some country.. So, I want to share this beautiful songs to you..

Here is the link to download full album >> click here

(PS : I've updated the link but please tell me if it still doesn't work)

I hope you enjoy the song.. and for me, I really like the G Cord Song.. I really recommend you to listen to it..

Until next time.. ;)


Lynn Goh said...

Hi I stumbled upon your blog, good one!
I am a big fan for all nice drama series songs from Taiwan. Just to inform you that the link doesn't work anymore. I will find time to download most of the songs I want from your site. So, thank you for creating this nice blog with all the nice songs.

Lynn, Malaysia.

Yesica said...

dear Lynn,
thank you for visiting my blog and remind me that the link doesn't work anymore.. I'll fixed it immediately.. I totally forgot that megaupload has been disabled now so maybe I'll try uploading it on 4share..

with love from Indonesia,

Anonymous said...


Sannin Martins said...

Obrigado :D

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