Bu Yao Bu Yao - Genie Zhuo (Office Girls Main Theme) *DOWNLOAD*

Hi guys..

I've updated my previous post with the same title.. Now you can download the song since I've just added the download link on that post..

This song is kinda cute with Genie's cute voice and funny music.. But recently I was so upset because I can't continue watching this series on Mysoju because the link is broken or the user has removed the video (I don't know which one).. :(

Then I tried to watch at Viki.com but the link is also broken.. ;(

Any idea where I can watch this series with HQ and English subtitle? (No subtitle is okay actually, but with English subtitle is better since my Chinese is not very good) :p

Thank you anyway~


Ala said...

This is where I watch it:

hope it works!

Yesica said...

Hey, thanks a bunch, Ala..
It helps me a lot.. :)

Ala said...

you're welcome, but there may be a problem with episode 13, it doesn't work for me, what about you?

Yesica said...

I am still watching episode 11..
How about trying to watch episode 13 on Mysoju.com??
I think it's working there.. :)

Ala said...

I tried, but even at viki.com (the source) it doesn't work. It says embedding is disabled. I don't know what to do TT_TT

Yesica said...

I also tried at viki.com but it doesn't work so I watched episode 13 on youtube..
It works but no subtitle..
If it's okay with you, here is where I watch it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNxdB1_WEoY
hope it helps.. :)

Ala said...


Gabby said...

Hulu.com has all of season 1!!!

Yesica said...

thx for your info Gabby ^^

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