Why I don't like Korean??

Hi, there..

I believe most of you come to this post because of my statement on my previous post.. ;)

Maybe you wonder why I don't like Korean..

Actually I don't like listening to song that I don't know the meaning.. For me it's like listening to a low voice in the middle of the crowd.. How many times you listen, you still don't get what it says.. *no offense*

So, it's not because I don't like Korean, it's because I don't understand Korean.. :p

Telling you the truth, I speaks 4 languages.. That are Indonesian, Javanese (my hometown language), English, and Chinese.. Now I'm planning on learning Japanese.. :)

Actually I don't really like Indonesian songs, since nowadays Indonesian music industry is filled with boy bands and girl bands that is trying to adapt Korean boy bands and girl bands.. I think it's not creative so I'm not really into it.. *no offense, just say my opinion*
I like to listen English and Chinese songs, but I also listen to others too.. Such as a Korean song, Because I'm a Girl by Kiss.. It's a beautiful song and since I listened it on YouTube with English subtitle, so I understand what the song is trying to say.. I also listen to Japanese songs such as the soundtracks of 1 Liter of Tears (or 1 Litre of Tears?? I forgot how it spells) :p

I do enjoy good music, but still I prefer the one that I understand its meaning..

Yeah, that is just my story in my point of view.. Really, I have no offense to Korean or Indonesian music lovers.. Anyway thank you for listening my story..

Until next time.. :)


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