New Layout *Nearly 2 Years Already*

Hi guys..

It's almost two years now since I made this blog.. It feels like yesterday but next month is gonna be the second anniversary of this site..

I'm so happy about this, so I made a few changes of the layout.. It still haven't finished yet because I don't like the picture of the girl in the top corner of this page because actually I'm not tired at all.. I love music so I won't be tired for it..

But I promise that next month during the 2nd anniversary of my site, I will finished with the layout.. Hope you'll like it and thank you for supporting me all this time.. Please keep supporting me by subscribe me (just click on the subscribe button above) :)

By the way I've added new features on this blog so you can request songs and lyrics and I'll definitely will try to fulfill your request.. To request songs and lyrics, click on the request songs or request lyrics button on the left side of this page.. You can search it on the pages tab..

Leave your request on the comment box and wait for me to fulfill it..

Thank you for your support..

Until next time ;)


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