Best Duet [Part II]

Hi everyone :)

Hope you don't blame me for disappearing for such a long time.. Well, my school is started already and I was really busy everyday.. I go to school until evening and usually got too tired when I back home.. And not to mention the traffic in Jakarta is really crowded, which makes me more tired.. In the weekend, I usually spend my time hanging out with some friends to forget about all the hard working during the weekdays.. Thanks God, today since there is workers demonstration near my school, I took a day off and have a really long rest this day.. It's 8pm here and I decided to catch up with you all because I really miss ya a lot.. :D

So here is another episode of Best Duet, like the previous episode before (you can check it out here), I'll mention some duet songs which are my favorite and hope you guys can check them out too because I really want to spread some love through these songs below.. Hope you enjoy!!

1. Ai De Zhu Xuan Lu - Xiao Gui & Genie Zhuo

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This song caught me in the first time I heard it.. The melody is a little unique and the lyric is really romantic.. Genie's and Xiao Gui's voices also compliment each other and I don't know how to describe but this song is totally amazing.. I really love this one..

2. Mian Bao De Zi Wei - Ariel Lin & Joe Cheng

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This song never officially released, they both only sang this song together in some events but originally, it is Ariel's solo song.. But I really love how they sing this song and make this even more beautiful with their gesture, eye contact, hug, and well, the chemistry between them is really perfect.. And I also love the lyric too, it really touches my heart..

3. Hao Ai Ta Hao Xiang Ta - 183 Club & 7 Flowers

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Well, I know it's not really a duet because 9 people sing this song, but seriously this song really has a great meaning and they sing this song perfectly.. I really enjoy listening this song although it's been so much years already..

4. Tong Yi Ge Yi Han - Wilber Pan & Blue J

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This is the theme song of Miss No Good and I really love this song very much.. They both sing this song with full of emotion, making the sadness can be delivered to the listeners.. I always listen this song with a strange sad feeling, almost same with Dui Shou by Toro and Johnny Yan..

5. Tou Tou De Ai - Della Ding & Yan Jue

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This song is really cute and I really love it very much.. A type of song which you can listen everywhere and every time without getting bored and this song always makes me smile every time I listen it.. Hope it has the same effect to you too.. :)

Coming up more with the third episode, so please stay tuned to this site guys.. I'll talk to you later, now it's my bed time.. Almost 10pm here and tomorrow I should wake up early for not to be late.. See ya ;)


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