Love Waking Up (Ai Qing Shui Xing Le) OST [DOWNLOAD]

Hi everyone.. :)

Have you watched Ming Dao & Chen Qiao En Taiwan drama Prince Who Turns Into Frog? If you like it, then you definitely should try watching Love Waking Up.. It can be said as the remake of Prince Who Turns Into Frog.. The plot and story is similar but I really enjoy watching this drama..

The difference is on the casts.. Here is the cast list :

Prince Who Turns Into Frog (Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa)

Ming Dao as Shan Jun Hao
Chen Qiao En as Ye Tian Yu
Sam Wang as Xu Zi Qian
Joyce Zhao as Fan Yun Xi

Love Waking Up (Ai Qing Shui Xing Le)

Roy Qiu as Xiang Tian Qi
Tang Yan as Liu Xiao Bei
Jones Xu as Ji Ru Feng
Qi Wei as Mu Zhi Qing

I don't know about you but in Prince Who Turns Into Frog, I really wish Jun Hao to be with Tian Yu; but in Love Waking Up, I really wish Tian Qi could end with Zhi Qing.. I really think Qi Wei is way much prettier (no offense though) :)

But anyway, I'm here to share the soundtrack of this drama to you.. This drama uses a lot of song and most of them is JJ Lin's.. I enjoy almost all the soundtrack so much, especially Xiao Jiu Wo by JJ Lin featuring Charlene Choi and Ru Guo Ai Wang Le by Qi Wei.. It's a pity that the soundtrack doesn't contain any Qiu Ze's song.. :(

The link contains :

1. Ai Qing Shui Xing Le - Yuan Cheng Jie (Opening Theme)
2. Bei Dui Bei Yong Bao - JJ Lin
3. Ai Xiao De Yan Jing - JJ Lin
4. Cries In The Distance - JJ Lin
5. Wo Tou Ming - Tang Yan
6. Rou Rou - Lu Wen
7. Zi Cong Yu Jian Ni - Lu Wen
8. Xiao Jiu Wo - JJ Lin feat. Charlene Choi
9. Ru Guo Ai Wang Le - Qi Wei (Ending Theme)

I know that has not been completed yet.. I think there are many song that I haven't found yet since I remember this drama use a lot of song.. So I will keep searching for it and I will share it to you if I have found them all..

If you know any missing song, please let me know so I can update the download link sooner..

(click here for Bei Dui Bei Yong Bao lyric)

(click here for Ai Xiao De Yan Jing lyric)

(click here for Ma Ma De Na Lu Wa lyric)

(click here for Cries In The Distance lyric)

(click here for Xiao Jiu Wo lyric)

(click here for Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue lyric)

(click here for Yi Sheng De Ai lyric)

(click here for Zi Cong Yu Jian Ni lyric)

(click here for Hen Mei Li lyric)

(click here for Rou Rou lyric)

** UPDATE **

I've found all the song that is used for the theme song of this drama..
I have got some and if you wish to download, click here
I promise I'll upload them all as soon as I get all those songs.. :)


Thank you and until next time.. :)


Anonymous said...

thanks for the OST

Yesica said...

you're welcome :)

Helen said...

I can't download it .. Can you help me? ;)

Yesica said...

really?? try to go directly to http://www.4shared.com/file/7b77aJHH/Love_Waking_Up_OST.html

hope it can help you :)

funnycat said...

wowww... so many thanks for the list!
Do you know what is this song:
I love it so much!

Yesica said...

you're welcome funnycat :)
oh i know that song.. it's Hen Mei Li by Lu Wen..
I got that song few days ago and I'll upload it soon on my 4shared after my internet connection have been fixed..
please stay tuned to this site to download that song :)

Esther said...

thanks for the songs, i really like them, i also like Roy Qiu very much.

Yesica said...

you're welcome, Esther.. and thanks for visiting :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for uploading all the list... Love you :)!

Yesica said...

you're most welcome :)
send you the warmest greeting from Indonesia <3

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the links. You're blog is amazing.
Keep it up! - Jenny

Yesica said...

thanks, Jenny for visiting here.. ^^

Anonymous said...

It's graeat that main lead actor & actress have a happy ending lastly.I think xio bai is cuter than zhi cheng. And zhi cheng & Ru feng really match well.

Anonymous said...

hi..i like your blog
btw I can not find any article about Chen Qiao En in your blog.. haha are you not that like her? she is my top fav taiwanese actress together with Ariel Lin ^^
and her new drama SOP Queen will be air in GTV soon

Jess said...

hi there :) thanks for dropping a nice comment here.. oh yaa, actually i love Chen Qiao En too and if you don't mention, i almost forgot to label her name here.. i wrote many articles about her too, actually but i think i forgot to categorized it.. will do it pretty soon.. thanks for noticing me :)

Flynn Heart said...

why i can't download ai qing shui xing le?
i just want the mp3

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all beautiful OST.

orienlis said...

Makasih banget.... :)))

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