OST At The Dolphin Bay [DOWNLOAD FULL]

Hi, everybody.. :)

I'm really still having a nostalgia with At The Dolphin Bay, a really romantic Taiwan drama series.. I remember I watched this when I was 13 and until now, I'm still loving this drama and really enjoy the theme songs too..

Here I give you the link to download the full theme songs of this drama..

Track List :

1. Olympic Guitar - Livingston Taylor
2. I Catch A Cold - Kokia
3. Shiroi Yuki - Kokia
4. Journey - Angela Zhang
5. Yi Shi De Mei Hao - Angela Zhang
6. Shen Bian - Ambrosse Xu
7. I Don't Want To Know - Chen Wei
8. Wagamama - Sumitada Azumano
9. Shim Yun - REF
10. Journey - Jill Hsu
11. Sarang Ha Go Ship Uh - WAX
12. Nal Dduh Nan Ee Yoo - WAX

Password to unzip the file : dramafreak


dman46 said...

I wish I can get the album,it won't download(server not found).

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