Jason Chen, the New Rising Star

Hi, there.. :)

If you are YouTube addict (like me :p) I believe you know who am I talking about.. But if you are not, then I'll tell you..

Jason Chen is a YouTube singer but now he has produced his own album & his own song.. I really admire his talent since he is really a good singer..

Firstly, I was told by lil kev about Jason's cover version of Wang Lee Hom's Yi Ran Ai Ni so I checked it out on YouTube.. Then I was so impressed.. He sing that song very very good.. From all people in YouTube that has done the cover of that song, I think Jason is the best..

Here is the video, if you want to watch it..

How do you think, is that great?? :D

Then, here is the video of his cover of Mistletoe by Justin Bieber.. No offense but I think he sings better than Justin.. (sorry for all Bieber's Lovers)

PS : All videos that I used are owned by Jason Chen's official YouTube account, ~

Support him by getting his covers and originals on iTunes.. Check them out..

Stream all his songs for free on spotify..

Also don't forget to visit his website

If you haven't listen to his new song, Best Friend, you can watched it on YouTube

That song will be included on his new album, Gravity which will be released on December 24th

Preorders start from November 28th
All pre-orders will be delivered before christmas
First 2000 copies will be signed


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