In Time With You OST [DOWNLOAD]

Hi everyone :)

Currently there are so much dramas in my 'watching list'.. While watching Office Girls, I also watch Unbeatable, Black and White, and also In Time With You..

Actually, I just watched 1 episode of In Time With You since I am more focus on watching Office Girls.. But after I finished watching Office Girls, I definitely want to watch In Time With You.. Although I just watched 1 episode, but I think it is quite good.. The story is so real and I like to watch Ariel Lin and Chen Bo Lin together again after their roles on Love Sick..

(If you haven't watched Love Sick, you should watch it.. It's so funny and both Ariel and Bo Lin are so funny)

I think they both make a good couple.. I hope they become couple in real life.. ;)

Not only the story that is interesting, I think the theme songs of this drama is quite good.. Although I haven't finished watching this, but I've already got the soundtrack.. My favorite is Chi Bang by Ariel Lin..

(click here to get Chi Bang lyric)

(click here to get Hai Shi Hui lyric)

(click here to get Wo Bu Hui Xi Huan Ni lyric)

(click here to get Xuan Zhuan Men lyric)

(click here to get Pu Tong Peng You De Peng You lyric)

(click here to get Dian Qi Jiao Jian Ai / Tiptoe Love lyric)

In Time With You OST 

1. Hai Shi Hui - William Wei (Opening Theme)
2. Chi Bang - Ariel Lin (Ending Theme)
3. Wo Bu Hui Xi Huan Ni (Instrumental)
4. Hai Shi Hui (Instrumental)
5. Xian Zai Kai Shi - Biung Wang
6. Pu Tong Peng You De Peng You - Emerson Tsai
7. Dian Qi Jiao Jian Ai - Hong Pei Yu
8. Chi Bang (Instrumental)
9. Wo Bu Hui Xi Huan Ni - Chen Bo Lin
10. Xuan Zhuan Men - Aggie Xie

Enjoy the songs & until next time ;)


Anita said...

Hi! Can you post the pinyin lyrics of bolin song? I've been looking everywhere but i can't find the pinyin one.. Thx before :)

Yesica said...

dear anita : sure, it will be ready soon.. :)

Anonymous said...

Can you add "Aggie - 旋轉門" ? I'm deeply desperate for the pinyin! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the OST!

Yesica said...

sure, I'll post it soon.. :)
you're welcome :)

Anonymous said...

hi, thanks so much for sharing the pinyin lyrics! do you always have hong pei yu's tiptoe love lyrics as well? thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Could you add lyrics for common friend of a friend? Thank you!

Yesica said...

sure, of course..
Tiptoe Love & Pu Tong Peng You De Peng You lyrics will be ready soon.. :)
You're welcome anytime

Anonymous said...

Do you have Blung Wang's lyrics as well? Thank you!

Yesica said...

I'll try to get it ASAP and post it soon.. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the ost and the lyrics =D really helpfull

Jess said...

you're welcome :)

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