Wo Bu Hui Xi Huan Ni - Chen Bo Lin [Pinyin Lyric]

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Yesterday I got a request from Anita to post the pinyin lyric of Chen Bo Lin's song, Wo Bu Hui Xi Huan Ni that is used for the insert song for Taiwan drama series, In Time With You..

So here it is, special for you, Anita and of course for you all.. Enjoy it & if you don't mind, I really wish you could send me a video of your cover of this song.. :)

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Wo Bu Hui Xi Huan Ni - Chen Bo Lin

Wo xiang wo ying gai ying gai bu hui ai ni
Wei le yao nu li nu li de bu ai ni
Suo yi wo rang zi ji na me xi huan ni
Zhe yang ni jiu bu ren xin he wo fen li

Wo xiang wo tao yan tao yan jiao ao de ni
Ye tao yen mei hao mei hao de na ge ni
Yu shi wo yao zi ji jia zhuang tao yan ni
Na me ni jiu se bu de li wo er qu

Wo bi xu shuo wo zhen de bu hui xi huan ni
Wo bu xi huan ni zhan ju wo suo you si xu
Lian ni de qie xiao ye xiang shi gu li
Cong zao an hou de zao can dao wan can hou de wan an
Bie xiao le bie xiao le wo bu hui xi huan ni

Wo fang kong le wo jie tuo le
Ni hai shi zai wo de yan li
Wo xi huan le Wo tao yan le
Ying xiang bu liao wo de hu xi
Yuan lai wo yi jing wu fa zi ba
Wo mi mi de ai shang ni

Ni bu bi dong wo zhen de bu hui xi huan ni
Wo bu xiang yao ni yin wei wo bian de xiao ji
You ni de cheng shi xia yu ye mei li
Cong li ming hou de tai yang dao shen ye li de yue guang

Bie xiang le bie xiang le wo bu hui xi huan ni
Bie xiang le bie xiang le wo bu hui xi huan ni

Enjoy & until next time ;)


vanessa said...

I super love this song.. because I can relate ....i cant love someone co'z I am just a sister for him :(

Yesica said...

oh no, i'm sorry to hear that.. but i think you should let him know your feeling.. who knows if there is a change happens.. good luck and don't give up on you love.. always support you, vanessa :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for the lyrics. I'm now in deep love with ArWil and In time with you, and especially with the song 'coz it tells my story too. Not exactly the same to Ar-Wil love story, my "Zui hao de peng you" got married already and actually I was the only one who supported his marriage at the very beginning (his family was against it), and sometimes I felt sorry for my decision b/c I knew that He and I were sometimes more than just friend. But ... Such a life! And now I am released that his marriage is quite okay...Anyway, thanks!

Yesica said...

thanks for sharing your story and i wish you can get your mr. right soon.. and i also wish all the best for your best friend's marriage :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Yesica said...

:) jiayouu

cindy said...

linda y el doram esperfecto

Anonymous said...

this song as I've experienced in my life..

I can love her but i don't know about her.. LoL

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