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Hi, everyone.. :)

Sorry for not updating this blog recently.. These days, I am so busy preparing my sister's wedding & new year events at my house.. So I really don't have much time for blogging.. So, I'm so sorry for delayed request..

But I really hope you will stay tuned to this site.. After new year, I will continue posting many things in this site.. Here are some following project after new year :

1. Xian Zai Kai Shi - Biung Wang [Pinyin Lyric] *
and many more ....

*) as requested

So, please stay tuned & follow this blog to get those all..

Happy Earlier New Year & until next time :)


fortune_liz said...

have you found song han sung joo - la la la ? thx

Yesica said...

i've found it but the quality is so bad.. i'll search for the good quality one and upload it asap.. please stay tuned to this site & thank you for visiting :)

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