The Best of Rainie Yang

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Today I will review about top 20 songs of Rainie Yang.. This review is based on my own opinion and don't have any connection with anything.. Just want to tell you my favorite..

Okay, then let's begin..!!

In Ai Mei (My Intuition) album :

1. Ai Mei
2. Zhi Xiang Ai Ni
3. Li Xiang Qing Ren
4. Xia Yi Ci Wei Xiao

In Yu Shang Ai (Meeting Love) album :

5. Ke Ai
6. Yu Shang Ai
7. Zuo Bian
8. Shi Mian De Shui Mei Ren
9. Zhao Bu Dao

In Ren Yi Men (My Other Self) album :

10. Que Yang
11. Ren Yi Men
12. Wan Mei Bi Li

In Ban Shu Xuan Yan (Not Yet A Woman) album :

13. Dai Wo Zou
14. Tai Fan Nao

In Yu Ai (Rainie & Love...?) album :

15. In Your Eyes
16.Yu Ai
17. Qing Chun Dou
18. Ni Ming De Hao You

In Yang Wang (Longing For) album :

19. Yang Wang
20. Wo Men Dou Sha

As for me, my favorite Rainie Yang's song is Shi Mian De Shui Mei Ren which is in the album Yu Shang Ai (Meeting Love).. Here I give you Rainie live performance of that song..

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