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Firstly, I want to apologize for disappearing lately.. Actually my laptop was infected by virus or something like that two weeks ago and it can't enter Windows.. and for the worse part, it takes a month to repair.. So I'm really sorry if I can't upload anything lately..

Actually now I'm using my sister's laptop just to keep in touch with you all.. :)

Okay, to make it short, today I want to talk about my top 5.. What is it?? Just read it and hope you can enjoy this..

Top Male Singer

1. Roy Qiu

If you follow this blog, you should have known why I love Roy Qiu so much.. Not only he is handsome, charming, and so manly but he is also a great actor & singer.. I think since he came back to entertainment industry after being vacuum for about 1.5 years, his acting skill is better.. And although lately he doesn't sing very often but I will always love all his songs..

From all his songs, my favorite one is 20 Sui De Jie Xian.. This song means a lot for me and I heard this song was written by Roy himself.. I really wish he will release an album or single soon.. Love you so much, Qiu Ze :)

2. Wang Lee Hom

On number two, here I also like Wang Lee Hom.. I bet you all know who he is and I think you also agree with me that this man is very multi-talented.. He composed all his songs and sang it beautifully.. Now he also try to be a good actor and director..

Actually I like many of his songs but if I should choose one, I will choose Forever Love.. This song has so many stories for me, especially on my 17th birthday when I sang this song during my birthday dinner.. :)

3. Vic Zhou

Do you still remember this cute man? Yes, he is Vic Zhou (Zai Zai) from F4.. I like him from the first time I saw him on Meteor Garden.. He is so charming yet cute and I think his voice is really good.. I remember his first single on F4's first album, Wei Ni Zhi Zhuo which is one of my favorite songs.. :)

4. JJ Lin

Next on number four, here is JJ Lin.. His face reminds me on one of my distant friend.. I really like his voice which is so sexy and mellow.. But actually, I don't like to watch him act on a drama.. I think, acting is not his passion.. He is really a good singer and song writer.. My favorite song from all his songs is Jian Jian Dan Dan that you can found on his album, No. 89757..

5. Alan Luo

In the last list on my top 5 male singer, here is Alan Luo or usually called Show Luo.. He is quite handsome and his voice is also good.. But for me, I like to watch him acting and hosting.. I watched his tv show and I always laugh out loud because of him.. Among all his songs, my favorite one is Ai Bu Dan Xing, which is used for the insert song of his drama series, Hi, My Sweetheart!..

Top Female Singer

1. Ivy Chen

Well, this is my favorite female celebrity, actually.. I think she is so pretty and cute.. I also admire her acting skill.. I know she hasn't even begin her singing debut but when I saw her on Black and White, I remember she and Vic sing an English song together (I really forgot what episode it is) but I really think her voice is cute.. I think she should start to sing ;)

2. Rainie Yang

She is my second favorite female celebrity.. I really love her very much.. Not only she is cute but her voice is also so good.. I also like to watch her acting.. I really like almost all her dramas, especially Hi, My Sweetheart!.. Among all of her songs, my favorite one is Shi Mian De Shui Mei Ren..

3. Angela Zhang

On number three, here is Angela Zhang.. I still remember her first debut on My MVP Lovers.. I don't really like her at that time, but later on At The Dolphin Bay, I cried a lot watching her singing on a stage.. Since that time, I really like her voice and I think almost all her songs are very beautiful.. My favorite one is Qi Shi Hen Ai Ni..

4. Selina Ren

Another pretty girl with great voice.. Here is on number four, Selina Ren from S.H.E.. My best friend and I really like her so much.. Such a nice girl, I think.. Except S.H.E's song, she also release many singles herself, but for my favorite one is Guan Bu Zhao which is used for the theme song of Reaching for the Stars..

5. Fish Leong

On number five, here is Fish Leong.. I really love her voice, which is sweet and strong.. Her vocal quality is very great and I really love her voice.. From all her songs, the one I like the most is Wu Tiao Jian Wei Ni..

Top Music Group

1. F4

Who doesn't like F4?? They are Jerry, Vic, Vanness, and Ken.. I think they are the beginning of Taiwan music group.. I really like them so much.. I still remember when I was 10, everyday after school I will run into a book store just to buy a bunch of magazines about them.. And on the way home, I will play their songs on my car.. :p
From all their songs, my favorite is Yan Huo De Ji Jie.. It is a romantic yet beautiful song..

2. S.H.E

 S.H.E is also my favorite music group which members are Selina, Hebe, and Ella.. My best friend like them very much, especially Selina.. I remember I gave him S.H.E's 10th DVD album, Play on his 17th birthday and he loves it very much.. I remember he cried when watching what's inside the box.. It is such a beautiful memory..

Among all their songs, my favorite one is Chu Dian which you can found on Forever album..

3. F.I.R

On number three of my favorite music group, here is F.I.R which members are Faye, Ian, and Real.. I really like Faye's voice that is so high but keep stable.. Among all their songs, my favorite song is San Ge Xin Yuan..

4. Fahrenheit

They are on my number four of my favorite music group.. I really like Wu Zhun and Aaron.. But on ToGetHer, I think Jiro also looks great.. From all their songs, my favorite is Mo Mo that is used for the ending song of ToGetHer..

5. 183 Club

This group was formed on 2004 but I think now they has been dismissed since Jacky Huang was fired and Johnny Yan quit.. But still, I like their songs, especially Mo Fa..

Top Drama Series

1. Easy Fortune Happy Life
2. Fated To Love You
3. The Girl In Blue
4. Hi, My Sweetheart!
5. Autumn Concerto

But I think maybe I should update this list and adding Office Girls and In Time With You :)

Top Movies

1. P.S. I Love You

This is a very very old movie but I really love this movie so much.. The role for this movie are Roy Qiu and Tammy Chen and the scene was on Singapore.. This movie is so touchy and I cried a lot when watching this movie.. After more than 5 years since I first watching this movie, I watched it again and I think Qiu Ze has been a lot different.. Now he is more mature and charming.. :)

2. Hear Me

This is another favorite movie of mine.. The casts are Eddie Peng and Ivy Chen.. I think Ivy looks so different here.. Although the ending is really unexpected (I think you will say like "What??" or "How come??" :p) but overall this movie is really great.. I also cried when watching this movie.. It teaches us many thing.. Especially I like the last quote; "Love and Dreams are miracles.. They can't be said, can't be heard, and can't be translated"

3. Kung Fu Dunk

This is a comedy movie which casts are Jay Chou, Charlene Choi, and Chen Bo Lin.. I really like Bo Lin here.. And overall, this movie is funny although there are many strange effects..

4. Love Sick

It is Ariel Lin and Chen Bo Lin's movie.. A really funny and enjoyable movie.. And I'm so glad that Ariel and Bo Lin play together again on In Time With You..

5. Red Cliff 1 & 2

This is a Chinese war film which casts are Tony Leung and Takeshi Kanesiro.. It tells about The Battle of Chi Bi from the history of three kingdoms.. I really am a huge fans of three kingdom especially, the God of War, Guan Yu.. I think he is so cool since he can kill hundreds people by himself and his weapon looks so strong..

Yes, that are my top 5.. Hope you enjoy and I'll be glad if it can help you.. Please give me comments and tell me what your top 5 are.. :)

Until next time!!

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