Ai De Shuang Chong Mo Li - BY2 [DOWNLOAD LINK]

Hi everyone :)

Sorry for disappearing for such a long time.. Lately I've been busy doing my final project.. But as JesslynWijaya request, she asked for the song at Love Waking Up when Xiang Tian Qi and Liu Xiao Bei sat together on the beach at the end of this drama.. I think what you mean is Ai De Shuang Chong Mo Li from BY2..

I also like this song very much and here I give you the download link of this song.. Enjoy this song :)

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JesslynWijaya said...

aihhh, i really like this song so much, thankyou so much for helping :)

Yesica said...

you're welcome.. by the way I still working for your other request.. please be patient & thank you so much for requesting :)

JesslynWijaya said...

yeaahhh, you're welcome too :) :)

Anonymous said...

what is the name of the song played when Tian Qi searched for Xiao Bei at the airport? thanks alot

Jess said...

ahh sorry i don't really remember.. gotta look for it soon :)

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