Wei Jia Xing Fu - Yisa Yu [DOWNLOAD ALBUM]

Hello, again :)

Still about Office Girls, now I'd like to share Yisa Yu's album, Wei Jia Xing Fu.. You should be known that Yisa Yu also has contributed a lot of songs for its theme song, such as Wei Jia Xing Fu that is used for the closing theme song..

So here is the track list and the download link..

Wei Jia Xing Fu

Artist : Yisa Yu
Release Date : June 30th, 2011
Origin : Taiwan

Track List :

1. Xiao Xiang
2. Shang Bu Qi
3. Yi Jing Yu Ta Wu Guan
4. Wei Jia Xing Fu
5. Wei Le Ni
6. Ni Bu Yao Wo Le Ma
7. Ting Ni Shuo
8. Hua Shu
9. Hao Peng You Zhi Shi Peng You
10. Wo
11. Ning Xia (Gun Shi 30 Ban)


Daedube said...

this link is also broken :( could u fix it, thanks!! :)

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