Jue Bu Neng Shi Qu Ni - F4 [Download Link]

Hi everyone :)

Today I really have a bad mood.. I cried all day and I have no appetite to eat anything.. But then, thank you for my very best friend, Edwin Xu.. He accompany me and tried his best to make me smile again.. Such a best friend.. I'm really happy to have you as my best friend..

But not only him, actually.. After I had a sharing session with him, I still cried a bit more and then I turned on my laptop and played a song.. An old song that makes me smile again.. That is a song from F4 from their second album, Fantasy 4ever, Jue Bu Neng Shi Qu Ni..

I really love this song very much.. From the first time I heard this until now.. I think this is the real 'baby baby'.. *sorry for all Justin Bieber's fans* :P

Then, I feel like I want to share this song to all of you.. I hope this song can make your day like it did to me.. If you want to watch the MV, you can try visiting on Youtube.. And here I have the video of F4 sang this song in a live concert..

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They look totally different now.. Jerry have a shorter hair now but I think he is better looking during Meteor Garden 2.. While Ken, I like his long hair better than his short hair.. His short hair makes him looks a little fat.. And Vanness, I hate his long hair so much.. He is better looking with a short and tidy hair like in Autumn Concerto.. While Vic, I love him in every way.. He looks cute with a long hair and looks mature with a short hair.. But I think I prefer his short hair.. Hao shuai o~ :D

Geez, I really miss them so much.. Please someone bring me back my F4.. *lol*

Well, that's for today.. I hope this song can brightener your day and I'll talk to you soon ;)


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