Angela Zhang - The 5th Season [Download Album Full]

Hi everyone :)

It's been a long time since Angela Zhang released her latest album The 5th Season and I really miss her a little.. She hasn't released any album until now..

Since I miss her a little, I love to listen to her songs lately.. That's why today I decide to post her latest album and sharing it with you.. If you haven't had this album yet, I really recommend this album to you.. The songs inside are awesome and my favorite song in this album is I Started A Joke..

The 5th Season

Artist : Angela Zhang Shao Han
Release Date : September 25th, 2009
Label : Decca Records, Taiwan

Track List :
1. Di Wu Ji
2. Bai Bai De
3. Kan De Zui Yuan De Di Fang
4. Xing Yun Zhi Wen
5. Yao Bai Tou
6. Ou Er
7. Wo Yao Ni De
8. Xun Zhao Ai Mi Li
9. Zai Kuai Le Yi Dian
10. I Started A Joke

Hope you enjoy & until next time, guys ;)


Vibeke Mikalsen said...

She is making an album now. Don't know when she will release it..

Yesica said...

oh really? it's a good news.. can't wait for it to release :D

Yesica said...

thx for your info btw *sorry forgot to say thanks since i'm too excited* :)

js said...

Can you send it to me at jsboyboy@hotmail.com pls? i cant download..

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