Gan Jue Ni - Megan Lai (Starry Night OST)

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Yesterday I re-arranged my music folder in my laptop and when I looked at the "soundtrack" folder, I saw a folder named Starry Night OST.. Actually I was a little bit confused since what I remember is Starry Starry Night which starred by Roy Qiu, Tammy Chen, and Peter Ho.. But when I explored that folder, what I found are Comic Boyz's song, Hold Me Close and Megan Lai's Gan Jue Ni..

Then suddenly I remembered the drama, Starry Night.. It's a 2005 television series which starred by King One (Wang Zhuan Yi), and Megan Lai.. Megan acted as an actress in this drama and it's really nice to watch both of them as a couple (since both of them usually become second lead and not the main lead) :)

Well, if you haven't watch this drama, I recommend you to watch this.. And now, I'll talk about the theme song.. I really love the ending song of this drama which is sang by Megan Lai, Gan Jue Ni.. Here I give you the MV.. In this MV you can watch a little preview of this drama and I think Megan looks so pretty in this MV.. Actually I like her in almost every drama, except in Sweet Relationship.. *LOL* :P

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If after hearing this song you love it, you can download this song in this link below..

Hope you like it & I'll talk to you soon ;)


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