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I'm quite bored this time and I think I want to make a short post about Asian Celebrity Couple.. Well, some of them are not really couple in real life but I wish they could be..

Okay, let's start..!!

1. Roy Qiu - Rainie Yang

They really was in a relationship back then during their first debut.. I remember their television series at 2003, Original Scent of Summer and they both really made a cute couple both on drama and real life.. Well, it's a pity that they broke up but I really wish they will reconcile again..

What I really love about this couple is that they both still respect each other.. Qiu Ze still watch Rainie's drama and he compliments Rainie's acting skills.. and Rainie too, she doesn't mind to talk about his previous relationship with him and said that Qiu Ze was her ex-boyfriend who make her heart hurt the most but it was because they are so young back then and she was so madly in love with him at that moment..

2. Roy Qiu - Qi Wei

This couple is really nice.. Although they are not really a couple in real life but I wish they could be.. Handsome man and pretty girl.. What a perfect combination :D

Well, to see them as a couple, try watching Unbeatable and Love Waking Up.. In Unbeatable they really made a cute couple.. The way they express their love is totally cute and very touchy.. In Love Waking Up they didn't end together but in the beginning they totally adorable.. I remember during filming a kissing scene in Unbeatable, Qiu Ze said that he was really nervous because he had to kiss such a pretty lady..

3. Vic Zhou - Ivy Chen

This couple is also a typical of handsome man and pretty girl.. I really love them both and they can really make a good couple in Black and White.. Although their romance scenes are not that much but I love each of them and I really wish they will make a drama together again..

I love how they express love to each other in the drama.. Especially Ivy Chen, she can express her love beautifully and Zai Zai, a type of cool guy with a warm heart.. So loveable..!!

4. Vic Zhou - Beatrice Xu

This couple was united by a 2003 Taiwan drama series, Love Storm.. After filming that drama, Zai Zai and Beatrice was in a relationship.. It's a pity that they broke up on 2005..

When Beatrice passed away on 2007, Zai still feel really sad for her.. I quite love this couple and I pray may Beatrice rest in peace in heaven.. And I hope Zai also can find a girl that really suits him soon.. :)

5. Show Luo - Rainie Yang

 This couple is really adorable.. They can bring Hi My Sweetheart to success, not only in Taiwan but also in Asia.. I really love them both in that drama.. They are full of cuteness and after that drama, I really love to watch Rainie as a guest in Show's 100% Entertainment..

But actually my favorite is when they appeared in In Your Eyes MV.. It's 100% cute.. ;)

6. Wilson Chen - Ariel Lin

My first time watching them both in a movie called Love Sick.. And I totally adore that couple.. So I'm glad that they get back together in In Time With You.. I don't remember how many times I cried when watching this drama..

Bo Lin who acted as Li Da Ren really can touch my heart with his sincerity to Ariel who acted as Cheng You Qing.. And I really hope that they can become a couple in real life.. I think they suit to each other..

7. Joe Cheng - Ariel Lin

They had been together for 3 years.. Please don't get me wrong, I mean they were together in television dramas, which are It Started With A Kiss, They Kiss Again, and Love or Bread..

I really love them in It Started With A Kiss.. They were really cute and I can't help but falling in love with this couple.. Although Joe acted really cool and always ignore Ariel (in the drama, I mean) but actually he was silently taking care of her.. Sweet, isn't it? :D

8. Eddie Peng - Ivy Chen

This is also a lovely couple.. Their appearance in Hear Me is truly touch my heart.. Eddie looks so cute in this drama and Ivy, always been so pretty as usual..

I heard a rumor that they will act in the same movie again with other famous celebrity like Ethan Ruan, Mark Chao, Amber Guo, Shu Qi, and Vicky Zhao.. I really wish this movie will be released soon.. I can't wait to see this cute couple in the same stage again..

9. Wang Zi - Ya Tou

This couple is really cute.. Actually they haven't been a couple in any drama.. They just appeared together in Brown Sugar Macchiato.. Ya Tou acted as the maid of Wang Zi and his brothers while Wang Zi acted as a cool and handsome guy which first fell in love with Xiao Xun but later he had a feeling for Gui Gui who had been loved him from a long time..

Although they were not together in this drama but I silently love them both.. I think they can make a perfect match.. A handsome guy and cute girl.. Let's wait for them to be a couple in a drama, or maybe in real life ;)

10. Wu Zun - Angela Zhang

I really like to see this couple in Romantic Princess.. I really think Wu Zun is so sweet here while Angela looks beautiful in this drama.. When I watch this, I really think it's like a prince and his princess.. I think this drama is Angela's latest drama and I really hope she can come back to acting and she can be together with Wu Zun again..

Well, that's all my favorite couple.. What do you think about them? Do you agree or disagree with me? Please write your opinion below and tell me about your favorite couple.. :)

Hope you enjoy & I'll see you soon :D


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Hi Yesica,
nice to visit your blog.
I think I agree with you, I love taiwanese than korean.. And same with you too, I adore Roy Qiu so badly!!


Yesica said...

hi dear..
thanks for visiting here..
yeyy, one more Roy's fans there..
nice to know you..
btw nice blog there.. salam dari Jakarta :)

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