Roy Qiu Singing in Unbeatable

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This is what I've promised you yesterday.. Remember I said that Roy Qiu sings a lot of song in Unbeatable? I really love his voice and I've been looking everywhere to get the singing scene so I can share with you.. Here it is..

The first video I want to share is the scene of the last episode of the drama, where Wei Xiao perform on the stage as Qing Yang brand ambassador and he sing a song during the perform.. If I don't get it wrong, the song title is Wu Xie Ke Ji..

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Well, the next video I wanna share is the scene when Wei Xiao sings a song to a granny so that the granny will forgive her husband.. I should say he looks very cute in this clip especially when he is flirting with Ye Rou..

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Actually the best part is when Wei Xiao sing a song to Ye Rou at the front of her work place so that she can forgive him.. But I can't found the short scene so if you want to watch it, I suggest you to watch the full drama.. It's so good and I really love Qiu Ze and Qi Wei in this drama.. They both are really cute..

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