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I got so many requests to make an article about my favorite movies.. So, finally today I'm gonna make it.. If you remember I've made one before in my article which title "My Top 5" and it contains my top 5 movies.. But today I'm gonna renew it with 5 more movies that I recently watched and I think it's great and you should definitely watch it..

Here we go..!!

1. L-O-V-E (Ai Dao Di)

I remember it took me 2 year to watch this movie.. I have viewed this 2009 movie in its original blog and I feel very interested and really wish to watch this movie.. But it's a pity that this film didn't screened in my country and it's so hard to find the DVD.. Finally in 2011 after a long searched, I found the DVD which was on a small DVD store and only one item left..

This movie contains 4 mini story which was made to celebrate Chinese Valentine Day (7 yue 7 hao).. The first story starred by Megan Lai and Van Fan.. The second story starred by Blue Lan, Annie Liu, Alan Ke, and Tammy Chen.. The third story starred by Ethan Ruan, Alice Zheng, and Roy Qiu.. While the last story starred by Tracy Zhou, Wang Zi, Wilson Chen, Alec Su, Makiyo, Da Mouth, Ken Zhu, Claire Guo, and Mao Di..

The stories are quite good, most of them are drama and tragedy but the last story is comedy.. And since this movie is full of big stars, you will not get boring of this.. I also love this movie, especially for Qiu Ze appearance, although it was just for 2 or 3 minutes.. :D

2. Love You You

Starred by Eddie Peng and Angelababy.. The story is quite interesting and seriously, Eddie looks so hot in this movie.. You can guess the ending from the first time you watched it but you will not regret to watching this, especially if you are a fan of Eddie Peng.. He looks totally different here than in Hear Me, but I still love it..

And for the theme song, JJ Lin contributes his song from Lost N Found album, Love U U.. You can download the song and the full album by clicking here.. And get the lyric by clicking here..

3. Sleepless Fashion (Live With Fashion)

 Starred by Vic Zhou and Vivian Hsu.. The romance in this movie is not very much but I still love that they finally can be on the same film again after Love Storm.. Zai Zai acted as a business man and Vivian as his assistant..

The conflicts here is all about business but believe me, this movie is worth watching..

4. Love You 10000 Years

Starred by Vic Zhou and Youki Kato.. This movie is a lot like manga comic, actually.. It's about two people who made a deal of having a relationship for 90 days but in the end, they really fall in love with each other..

In this movie, you can see Zai Zai with his mustache and beard.. Still looks cute but also so sexy.. Believe me, you should watch this movie.. And also, Zai acted as a musician in this movie, so you can hear him singing.. My favorite part is when he sing Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian.. I really wish I can get that song.. Anyone have it? :D

5. You Deserve To Be Single

Starred by Ruby Lin and Mike He.. This is a drama comedy movie which you will like.. About two brother and sister who open a love agency which take care of any love problems.. And when the brother really fall in love with his customer's fiancee, the trouble begins.. Actually the truth is so horrible..

You should watch this movie by your own and you will feel surprise, sad, happy, and angry at the same time.. By the way, I really adore Ruby Lin in this movie.. Can't believe her age is 35 years already.. Still looks so pretty and gorgeous..

That's my recommended movie for you and please stay tuned to this site to get more information about music, lyric, and drama.. I'm still collecting some article about Thai movie which you should definitely watch and I'll post it soon..

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Lemonsquare said...

hi! do you know where i can download "you deserve to be single" with good quality english subs? would really appreciate a link to it. thanks!

Yesica said...

actually I watched it on DVD but you can try this link below..


I don't know if that link can still work but if you want to stream it, here are the links..



hope it'll help :)

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