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Do you still remember a 2005 Taiwan drama series, It's Started With A Kiss? I bet you still remember that nice drama since that is everyone's favorite drama.. And so do I.. I also love this drama very much.. Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng were really cute in this drama.. I really love Xiang Qin who never give up to get Zhi Shu's heart and Zhi Shu who can't express his love but silently care for Xiang Qin.. I think it's so romantic.. :P

Besides the story, I also love the theme songs very much.. Lately, I remember the ending theme song, E Zuo Ju by Wang Lan Yin.. It's a very nice song and if you haven't watched the MV, you should definitely check it out.. Here it is..

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This beautiful song is also sang by Ariel Lin herself and you can found it on Ariel's album, Meeting Happiness which is released on 2010.. But today, I'm gonna share this song with you..

So, which one do you prefer? ;)

As for me, I like them both.. The one Wang Lan Yin sing is very original and I love her voice.. In the other hand, Ariel Lin also sing it beautifully.. She can improve this song and I really think her voice is so cute..

So, I hope you enjoy & here I give you some pictures of Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng during filming It's Started With A Kiss and E Zuo Ju's music video..

Until next time, guys :D


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