The Best of Fahrenheit

Hi everyone :)

Many people have requested me to do more 'the best' series.. But these days I really don't have any idea who I'm going to make the 'the best' series.. So, I decided to make the best of Fahrenheit..

Well, I'm going to start now.. These are 20 top songs by Fahrenheit based on my opinion.. Hope it'll help :)

In Fei Lun Hai (Fahrenheit) album :

1. Wo You Wo De Young
2. Xia Xue
3. Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue (feat. Hebe)
4. Ai Dao
5. Chu Kou
6. 2 Yue 30 Hao Jian

In Shuang Mian Fei Lun Hai (Two Sided Fahrenheit) album :

7. Xin Wo (feat. S.H.E)
8. Wei Ni Cun Zai
9. Bu Hui Ai
10. Chao Xi Huan Ni

In Yue Lai Yue Ai (Love You More and More) album :

11. Yue Lai Yue Ai
12. Ji Mo Bao Zou
13. Mo Mo
14. Liu Xia Lai

In Tai Re (Super Hot) album :

15. Xin Teng Ni De Xin Teng
16. Ji Xu Ai
17. Hen An Jing
18. Shou Hu Xing
19. Wu Hui

In Tokyo Juliet OST album :

20. Zhan You

Actually, I'm not a huge fans of Fahrenheit but I kinda like Wu Zun.. I remember the first time I knew Fahrenheit was when I watch Tokyo Juliet, so you can guess my favorite song.. Yapp, that's Zhan You.. I like that song so much because the meaning is deep and I love it.. But recently, I listen to Xin Teng Ni De Xin Teng almost everyday.. That is a really nice song..

And I hope you enjoy & until next time ;)


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