D's New Attraction - Danson Tang [Download Album]

Hi everyone :)

Today I'm gonna share the download link for Danson Tang second album, D's New Attraction.. Well, although it had been released for such a long time, but I believe many of you haven't had this album yet.. So, it's better late than never, isn't it? ;)

To be honest, I just had this album last year but I quite like this album.. My favorite song is Gao Su Wo which was used for the insert song of Rolling Love (starring Jiro Wang, Danson Tang, Genie Zhuo, and Xiao Xun (from Hei Se Hui Mei Mei)).. I also like track number 5, She Bu De Fang Shou..

Here it is & I hope you like it :)

D's New Attraction

Artist : Danson Tang Yu Zhe
Release Date : January 16th, 2009
Label : Avex, Taiwan

Track List :

1. Kiss Me Now
2. Yi Yan Wei Ding
3. Xin Ge
4. Gao Su Wo
5. She Bu De Fang Shou
6. Chuan Hua You Xi
7. Jue Wu Jin You
8. Bu Neng Bu Xiang Ta
9. Zui Wen Rou De Xuan Nian
10. Qing Bao

Hope you love it & until next time ;)


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