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Television Series

Zai Zai began his first debut on 2001 in Meteor Garden (Liu Xing Hua Yuan).. His role in that television series as Hua Ze Lei has caught many attentions and since he is one of the member of F4, his career began to raise.. In the same year, Zai Zai also got a leading role for a television series, Poor Prince and Meteor Rain..

Later in 2002 with other F4 members, he got a role for another television series, Come To My Place.. His single Wen Rou De Wan An from his first album, Make A Wish was used for the theme song of that drama.. In the same year, he was also filming the sequel of Meteor Garden..

In 2003, he was chosen to be the leading role for a television series, Love Storm with other F4 member, Ken Zhu and a senior actress like Vivian Hsu.. His song, Wo Hu Xi Ni from his second album Remember I Love You was used for the ending theme of this drama.. Then in 2004, he got a role for another TV series, Mars along with Barbie Hsu who later be his girlfriend.. His role on that drama got so much attentions from public and that drama was chosen as the Most Popular Drama of the Year at the 40th Golden Bell Awards.. His song, Rang Wo Ai Ni featuring Barbie Hsu was also used for the ending theme for this drama..

In 2006, he acted as Qi Wei Yi in a TV series, Silence along with a Korean actress, Park Eun Hye.. His single, Shou Xi De Wen Rou was used for the ending theme of this drama.. Then in 2007, he got a role in Sweet Relationship as a 'grumpy' but gentle chef.. His song, Ai Shang Zhe Shi Jie from his third album,  I'm Not F4 was used for the opening theme of this drama.. After that in 2008, with other F4 members Vanness Wu and Ken Zhu, he got a leading role for another TV series, Wish to See You Again..

In 2009, he got a leading role along with Mark Zhao and Ivy Chen in an action TV series, Black and White.. He was nominated as the Best Leading Actor in TV Series at the 44th Golden Bell Awards but the winner was going to Mark Zhao.. In the same year, he also was filming The Last Night of Madam Chin with senior actress, Fan Bing Bing.. In 2011, he also got a role for another TV series, Hui Jia..


His first movie was filmed in Hongkong at 2008, Linger.. In the same years, he was also filming for other movie, Tea Fight..

In 2010, he got a leading role for Taiwan movie, Love You Thousand Years.. In this movie, Zai Zai grew his moustache and beard.. Then in 2011, he acted in Live With Fashion with Vivian Hsu..

In 2012 he got a role for two movies, Perfect Two and Saving General Yang with Wu Chun, Ekin Cheng, and Ady An..


Everyone knows, F4 was the beginning of Zai Zai's career in entertainment industry.. Starting with Meteor Garden, F4 be the leading for Taiwan boy band.. Their first album in 2001, Meteor Rain has shown their ability to sing.. Zai Zai himself contribute 2 solo songs for this album, Wei Ni Zhi Zhuo and Zui Te Bie De Chun Zai..

In 2002, F4 released new album, Fantasy 4ever.. And still, Zai Zai contribute 2 solo songs for this album, Zen Me Hui Shi Ni and Yi Ge Ren De Dong Ji..

After a very long rest, in 2007 they finally released their new album, Waiting for You.. Zai Zai also contribute 2 solo songs for this album, Bai and Can Nian.. Those songs was used for the insert theme song of Zai Zai's TV series, Wish to See You Again along with F4's songs Zai Zhe Li Deng Ni and Ti Yan..

Music Career

He began his solo music career in 2002.. That year, he released his first album, Make A Wish.. He filmed the MV with Ariel Lin (do you still remember?) ;)

I remember I watched the MV in in Youtube, but when I checked it again I can't find it.. Then I tried to searched it on dailymotion and I got it but it stopped in the middle.. So if you know where I can watch the MV (again), please let me know.. :)

Actually I love all songs in this album but if I have to choose one, then I'll choose You Wo You Ni as my favorite..

His second album, Remember I Love You was released on 2004.. I remember I lost this album 2 weeks after I bought it.. :(

Well, although I lost the album, I still remember all songs in this album and I love almost all songs in this album.. But my favorite one is Shi Zhe Ai Wo Yi Tian..

His third album, I'm Not F4 was released in 2007.. In this album, Zai Zai looks more mature.. He has a short hair and it makes him look so much charming.. My favorite song in this album is Ai Shang Zhe Shi Jie which used for the opening song of Sweet Relationship.. He looks so cute in the MV.. ;)


Zai Zai is trusted to be the icon of many product, such as Samuel and Kevin, Yamaha, Sony, Pepsi, Lancome, Rejoice, and other top brands..

In CF Jasmine Tea commercial, Zai Zai collaborated (again) with Ariel Lin for filming that commercial.. Here I give you the video..

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And here is the video of another Zai Zai's commercial, WoWo Milk Candy..

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Besides music, drama, and advertisement, Zai Zai also released a photographic album in 2002 which title is Travel Dream.. Later in 2006, Zai Zai released his second photobook, 4Faces and this photobook became one of the best sellers in HMV, a leading music and book store.. (source : Wikipedia)

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