Ai Qing Ma Qi Duo - Lollipop [MV]

Hi everyone :)

I got sick from yesterday and what I can do is just lay on my bed and it's so boring.. So, I watch again some parts of Taiwan 2007 television series, Brown Sugar Macchiato, which was starring by Lollipop and Hei Se Hui Mei Mei..

What I like about this drama is that the story is quite simple and contains youth's everyday problem.. The plot is quite interesting and I think this drama is worth watching.. I really love Ao Quan-Da Ya.. They really made a cute couple and I also love Wang Zi-Ya Tou.. Although they were not a couple in this drama but I've seen many pictures of them while filming this drama and I really think they are so cute together..

I really like Wang Zi.. He is so cute and his face reminds me of one of my best friend although my friend doesn't admit it but I really think so.. While Ya Tou, I like her from the first time I saw her on this drama.. She is really cute and her voice is super cute.. But I remembered I've watched Hei Se Hui Mei Mei's talk show when Zai Zai appeared as a guest star on that episode and Ya Tou said that Zai Zai is a typical of 'white-horse-prince' in her dream..

Well, I agree for this one.. I think he is also my dream of 'white-horse-prince'.. :P

Okay, then back to the drama.. Actually my favorite thing about this drama is the ending song, Ai Qing Ma Qi Duo by Lollipop.. I really love this song and since this song has been so long time so I don't think I should put the download link in this site but I want to put the MV so you can enjoy this song.. But please, if you really want this song in mp3 format, you can contact me and I'll put the download link in this site..


Well, then I hope you enjoy and here I give you some snap shoots of Wang Zi and Ya Tou.. I'll talk to you soon after I get better.. See you..!! :)


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