Fa Xian Ai - JJ Lin feat. Jin Sha

Hi everyone :)

Suddenly I remember a song that I used to love very much.. That is a 2007 song from JJ Lin and Jin Sha which also used for the theme song of Cornetto Ice Cream advertisement, Fa Xian Ai.. I really think this song is very sweet and I really have a sweet memory with this song..

Comes to think about this song, it is a really sweet song.. I used to sing this song with my most special person during high school, so this song has a very special meaning for me.. I hope you also love this song and if you haven't listened this song yet, I really recommend this song for you..

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Enjoy this song & see you later ;)


chiang said...

Hi yesica,i've just found ur page,quite interesting. And,would you help me translating this jJ Lin's Wo Hen Xiang Ai Ta? And,i'm pretty amazing that there's an Indonesian girl translating lyrics. Usually,they did it not for free in indonesia,but you're different one maybe. So,thank you for all your efforts. I'm indonesian too anyway. XD

Yesica said...

hi, Chiang.. nice to know one more Indonesian visit my blog :)

yaa, actually I just love Chinese music and actually, by translating lyric, I can also improve my Chinese.. so win win solution, I guess :D

oh ya, actually I just planned on writting something about Wo Hen Xiang Ai Ta.. how coincident.. haha.. sure, I will translate the lyric for you.. but please be patient.. because my computer is having a reparation by now.. I can finish it on 3-4 days..

thank you ^^

chiang said...

hm..it seems that it's not another 3-4 days eh? hahaha..i`ll be waiting patiently then for my request..

Yesica said...

hi Chiang.. sorry for making you waiting for so long.. your request is almost finished.. will post it tonight ^^ thanks for your patience

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