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Hi everyone :)

It's been so long and I miss you very much.. Actually my project still haven't finished yet but I still want to catch up with you, guys..

So, today I'm gonna have a quick post about My Man.. Please don't misunderstand me first.. Actually there are so many people mailed me and asked if I have any other idol beside those who I've mentioned before.. So, I'm here to tell you a little about my favey <3

As you know, I'm pretty much loving Taiwanese male idol, such as Roy Qiu & Zai Zai.. But maybe some of you don't know who else I like.. So, here they are, classified by their origin.. :)


1. Roy Qiu Ze

2. Vic Zhou Yu Min

3. Alexander Wang Li Hong (Leehom)

4. Eddie Peng Yu Yan

5. Wilson Chen Bo Lin

6. Show Luo Zhi Xiang

7. Ethan Ruan Jing Tian

8. Prince Qiu Sheng Yi (Wang Zi)

9. Joe Zheng Yuan Chang

10. Matthew Ming Dao


11. Lu Yi


12. Mario Maurer

13. Pachara Chirathivat

Brunei Darussalam

14. Goh Kiat Chun (Wu Zun)


15. Boy William

That's all my favorite Asian male celebrities.. and for Western, I kinda like Jason Statham and Chris Hemsworth..

Hope you enjoy reading this.. and feel free to share who's your favorite male celeb here.. I'll talk to you soon.. ;)


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