Chang Yi Shou Ge - Joe Cheng

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I bet you all knew Joe Cheng already, right? Yaa, he's Jiang Zhi Shu at It Started With A Kiss & They Kiss Again.. But did you guys know that he is also a singer? Although I think his songs have never been so 'booming' but I quite like them..

If you knew that he sings too, please close this tab immediately.. But if you haven't known, I'm gonna introduce you.. Well, actually when I knew this fact years ago, I felt really surprised.. Before, I only knew that he sang a song for They Kiss Again theme song and it's quite cute.. Then he released an EP and the main song is very - err, what should I named it? - 'dancing'..

The main song is Chang Yi Shou Ge and he took a supermodel, Lin Zhi Ling as his MV's model.. When I first hear this song (he sang this song during an award on 2009), I was really surprised and couldn't believe that it was him.. But I keep listening to this song and I think it's quite good.. Here it is.. Hope you enjoy..!!

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And if you want to buy his EP, here is the cover.. But I don't guarantee if this is still sold :P

Hope you enjoy.. And since I will take a holiday until July 3rd, I'll see you soon.. Please leave your comment & request while I was gone.. I'll reply it later.. :D


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