Welcoming June :)

Hi everyone :)

Let's welcome June together *yeyyy*

Actually I want to say sorry for disappearing lately.. These days I was so busy moving to a new place, so there are plenty of works to do.. Besides, I have so many projects waiting for me and they should be finished on late June.. So, once again I'm really sorry because I want to take a week off (or maybe two) to finished all my projects.. :(

I'll update you again next week (or maybe next two weeks) with the newest topics and you can still leave your request by comment & email..

See you later, guys ;)

And here is my latest cover, Qi Wei's Ru Guo Ai Wang Le.. Take it as my gift to you & hope you like it.. You can check out my other covers by visiting my YouTube channel.. I'll catch up with you later, guys :D



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