Happy Birthday, Zai Zai

Hi everyone :)

As you guys know, I am a big fans of Vic Zhou (Zai Zai).. and today's June 9th, his birthday.. *yey*

Firstly, of course, I want to say Happy Birthday dear Zai Zai..

祝你生日快乐, 仔..
我希望你的人生越来越美好, 你也可以更加成熟


Comes to think of it, I think time passed really fast.. I have been idolized him for 12 years now.. I still remember my 'F4 days', always watching Meteor Garden after coming back from school.. Then I began to listen to his songs.. I still remember how happy I was when I first got his Make A Wish album.. And then, I keep listening to all his songs, watching all his movies and dramas, and even looking for his advertisements on TV.. :D

That's why I really wish he can still be the same, or even a better Zai Zai, who is very kind towards others, very gentle & honest, loves to joke, and can show his capabilities in his every works.. :)

Well, actually a month ago, I tried to cover Rang Wo Ai Ni by Zai Zai and Barbie Hsu, but I replace Barbie's voice with mine.. And I think this is the best time to share it with you.. I know it's a little bit crazy and I think you will laugh when listening this, but yeaa, sometimes I love to do crazy stuff and enjoy my crazy time.. So, here it is.. :P


Once again, happy birthday to you, Zai.. Loving you always <3


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