Xing Guang You Le Yuan - Twins [Download Link]

Hi everyone :)

How are you feeling right now? If you feeling bad, I really wish this song I'm going to give to you will make your day a little better.. And if you are in a happy mood, I want to add your happiness by giving you this happy song..

The song I want to give to you is duo Twins' song, Xing Guang You Le Yuan, which means Starlight Amusement Park.. This is my favorite song during my first year of high school and I still like this song until today..

You can find this song in Twins' album, Trainee Cupid which was released on March 2005.. And here I give you the MV.. Charlene looks so cute in this MV and so does Gillian.. And if you pay more attention, the guy in this MV is Danson Tang.. :D

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If you used to like this song, I hope this song can bring back your happy memories.. And if you haven't known this song yet, you can download this beautiful song in this link below..

Hope you enjoy & until next time ;)


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