Jolin Tsai - Myself [Download Album]

Hi everyone :)

Today I'm gonna post a download link for Jolin Tsai's album, Myself.. Actually, I'm not a huge fan of Jolin Tsai but I really admit that Jolin is very talented.. Besides, a lot of people asked me to post the download link for this album..

So, I really ask for your apologize if I don't give a review for this album because I haven't listen to this album yet but I definitely will listen to this album after posting this.. Once again, sorry, guys :(


Artist : Jolin Tsai (Cai Yi Lin)
Release Date : August 13th, 2010
Label : Warner Music, Taiwan

Track List :

1. Mei Ren Ji
2. Missed Call
3. Wan Ai Zhi Tu
4. Secret Talk
5. Pai Da Xing
6. Let's Start The Dance
7. Hei Fa You Wu
8. Wu Yan Yi Dui
9. L'Amour Est Parti
10. Xiao Shang Kou
11. Niang Zi Han
12. Qi Shang Ba Xia
13. Jie San Ai
14. I Love You Too
15. Ji Shi Sheng Xiao

Hope you enjoy & see you next time ;)


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