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Today's post is a request from my 'little' sister, Jesslyn.. She is a huge fans of Aaron Yan from Fahrenheit, so she asked me to make this article.. Hope you also find this article interesting & this is it..!!

Television Series

Aaron began his acting career on 2004 as a guest star in a Taiwan drama series, An Shi Ai Mei Hui (I Love My Wife).. Then on 2005, he also appeared as a guest in It's Started With A Kiss which played by Joe Cheng, Ariel Lin, and his co-band, Jiro Wang.. In the same year, he got a role in KO One along with Jiro, Calvin, Wu Zun, and Danson Tang.. Although he only be the third male lead but his appearance got so many attentions..

In 2007, he got a role as third male lead in The X-Family along with other Fahrenheit members and Danson Tang.. This TV series is related to the previous series, KO One.. In the same year, he once again appeared to be the guest star in the sequel of It's Started With A Kiss, They Kiss Again..

Finally in 2008, he got his role as a male lead in a television drama series, Mysterious Incredible Terminator (Pi Li MIT) along with Gui Gui (from Hei Se Hui Mei Mei).. Together Aaron and Gui Gui won Best Onscreen Couple.. This drama was also airing on a cable TV in Singapore..

In 2009, he appeared as his old character in the sequel of KO One, and The X-Family, KO 3an Guo.. In this TV series, he appeared only by voice..

In 2010, he appeared in two TV series, Gloomy Salad Days and Love Buffet.. In Gloomy Salad Days, Aaron appeared as the main cast while the supporting role were famous actors like Wang Zi, Ao Quan, and Wen Sheng Hao.. While in Love Buffet, he acted as the main lead along with his co-band, Calvin, and other famous actresses like Patty Hou and Cynthia Wang..

Later in 2011, he appeared as a guest star in his co-band, Wu Zun's drama series, Sunshine Angel.. In this drama, his role as Aaron who later fell in love with Rainie Yang..

This year, it's rumored that Aaron will take a role in a TV series called Giving Alice A Miracle but since the production house hasn't made a clear statement, we have to wait for the info..


Fahrenheit is a Taiwanese band which members are Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, Wu Zun, and Aaron Yan.. This band has released 4 Taiwan albums, 3 Japanese singles, and many soundtrack albums..

Their first album, Fahrenheit was released on 2006.. Many of the song inside were used for the theme song of many TV series, such as Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue which is featuring with Hebe, is used for the insert song of Tokyo Juliet.. My favorite song of this album is Ai Dao..

Their second album, Two Sided Fahrenheit released on 2008.. Aaron contributes a song for this album, that is Ti Amo which is featuring with Liu Li Yang.. My favorite song in this album is Wei Ni Chun Zai which was used for the theme song of Romantic Princess..

Theit third album, Love You More and More (Yue Lai Yue Ai) released on 2009.. The songs in this album used for many TV series.. For example, Yue Lai Yue Ai and Mo Mo which were used for the theme songs of ToGetHer.. My favorite song in this album is Mo Mo..

Their fourth album, Super Hot released on 2010.. I haven't bought this album yet but I realy love the song Xin Teng Ni De Xin Teng.. I also love the MV too.. It is starring by Wu Zun and Patty Hou..

In 2011, Wu Zun leave Fahrenheit to have more time with his family but other members still consider Wu Zun as a member.. (source : Wikipedia)

Music Career

Aaron began his solo music career in 2011.. He released an album, The Next Me (Xia Yi Ge Yan Ya Lun).. This album contains 5 songs and 1 instrumental.. One of the song, Zui Hou Yi Yan is featuring with Olivia Ong.. And a famous singer and songwriter, Tank composed a song for him, Zhi Kan Jian Ni..

This album became the third best selling album in Taiwan on 2011..

Although he just released his solo album in 2011, he had been released two singles before.. Those are Yuan Yi Bu Ai Ni (theme song of The X-Family) and Ti Amo (in the second album of Fahrenheit)..

Well, those are the information that I can give to you and hope you enjoy.. I'll talk to you soon ;)


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