Soul Mate - Della Ding [Download Album]

Hi everyone :)

Recently when I turn on my TV and watch MTV Asia, they often play Yi Ban by Della Ding.. That's why I start to search for that beautiful song here and there.. But it's a pity that in my lovely country, Indonesia don't sell the album..

That's why I decided to find the download link and post it on my blog.. I quite recommend this album to you as I think Ding Dang's voice is really good.. I like her as I listen to her song, Wo Ai Ta from her second album and also in the Taiwan drama series, Autumn's Concerto as the opening theme..

As for this album, my favorite song is Yi Ban.. And here is the album..!!

Soul Mate

Artist : Della Ding
Release Date : January 21st, 2011
Label : Believe In Music, Taiwan

Track List :

1. Leng Xie Dong Wu
2. Yi Ban
3. Wei Lai De Qing Ren
4. Zui Hou Yi Ci Ji Mo
5. Duo Ai Shao Guai
6. Chuai Lai Gong
7. Xiang Yuan Shuo
8. Hen Ai Guo
9. Symphony
10. Meng Jiao Xiang
11. Back-up

Hope you like it & until next time ;)


Anonymous said...

blom semepet download,,, can u help me with the link plz...

Yesica said...

oh i'm sorry.. i think the link has expired or they deleted my file.. i will upload it again when my laptop back.. :)

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