Ai Mai - Rainie Yang [Download Link]

Hi everyone :)

After viewing my own blog, I realize I haven't posted any Japanese song at all.. So today is my first post about Japanese song..

I believe most of you still remember Rainie Yang's first single Ai Mei.. Yappss, that's the one that was used for the theme song of Devil Beside You.. And yes, that is a very beautiful song.. But do you know that in 2010, Rainie started her debut in Japanese with a single Ai Mai which is the Japanese version of Ai Mei..

Although I don't have any idea what the song told about but I think the meaning is almost the same with Ai Mei.. Finally after a long searched, I can get this single but I'm sorry for the poor quality.. To be honest, this is the best that I can get.. So, here it is, hope you enjoy this song..

Hope you like it & see you next time ;)


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