My Love - Hebe Tian [Download Album]

Hi everyone :)

After posting everything about Aaron, I suddenly remember of Fahrenheit's senior, S.H.E.. And now, it's time to talk about Hebe..

Mm.. Talk about her, I want to tell you a little secret.. Actually during my third year of senior high school, my ex-boyfriend liked Hebe very much.. At that time, S.H.E had just released their 10th album, Play and in that album, Hebe had a short asymmetric hair.. Then, I just cut my hair like hers, but thank God that he liked it.. *LOL*

Well, back to the topic.. Today, I will share Hebe's solo album, My Love.. Hope you like it, guys..!!

My Love

Artist : Hebe Tian Fu Zhen
Release Date : September 2nd, 2011
Label : HIM International Music Inc., Taiwan

Track List :

1. Wu Tuo Bang
2. Yao Shuo Shen Me
3. My Love
4. Qing Ni Gei Wo Hao Yi Dian De Qing Di
5. Hai Shi Yao Xing Fu
6. Mo Gui Zhong De Tian Shi
7. Wu Shi Sheng Fei
8. Hua Hua Shi Jie
9. Ying Zi De Ying Zi
10. Ni

Well, as usual I want to give you a short review for this album.. Actually it's a pretty good album.. I like her voice (although I like Selina's more) but seriously, the songs inside is quite good.. As for me, I like My Love and Hai Shi Yao Xing Fu..

Hope you like it & until next time ;)


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