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Hi everyone :)

I don't know if you still remember my post about my top 10 favorite drama series.. And it's been so long time ago.. So, today I'm gonna renew that post and recommend 7 drama series that I think you should watch.. These drama series are mostly new, about 2008-2012..

Here we go..!!

Office Girls

This is the best drama series on 2011.. Starring by Roy Qiu, Alice Ke, Wen Sheng Hao, Janel Tsai, Tia Li, Guo Shu Yao, and Patrick Li.. I totally love and adore this drama.. Not only the story is amazing and super funny, the casts also have great chemistry, especially Qiu Ze and Patrick Li.. They are very hilarious in this drama..

And although I've just finished watching this, but now I'll re-watch it again soon.. I love how Qiu Ze acted in this drama.. He can make me laugh and cry a lot.. He is a very talented actor..

And my favorite theme songs in this drama are Wei Jia Xing Fu by Yisa Yu and Xiang Fei De Zi You Luo Ti by Genie Zhuo.. To download the theme songs, simply follow this link below..

>> click here to download <<

In Time With You

If you haven't watched this drama, I really recommend you to watch this.. You will fall in love so quickly with this one.. Starring by Ariel Lin, Chen Bo Lin, Sunny Wang, and Jassie Chen.. I really love Li Da Ren so much.. He always does everything to express his love, even the silly one..

And actually, I really love the men here, especially Bo Lin.. But Sunny Wang also looks so handsome in this drama and actually, I silently like Xu Hao En, who acted as Nic in this drama.. He looks really cute and I really shocked when I knew that he is gay.. But thanks to him makes You Qing and Da Ren became closer..

My favorite song in this drama is Chi Bang by Ariel Lin.. but lately I also love Wo Bu Hui Xi Huan Ni by Chen Bo Lin and Xuan Zhuan Men by Aggie Xie..

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Wish to See You Again

Yes, I'm going to tell about it again.. But I think what I want to say have already been said in this blog so you can explore this blog to find out what's so great about this drama..

Starring by Vic Zhou, Kingone Wang, Ken Zhu, Michelle Chen, and Terri Kwan.. I love Zai Zai so much in this drama.. He looks very 'shuai' and full of cuteness.. And after watching this drama, I really want to go to Taiwan again (actually after watching this, I watch F4's Wish to See You Again in Taiwan fan made party)..

Well, my favorite song in this drama is ALL.. I really love all songs that were used here but I'll recommend Can Nian and Bai by Zai Zai..

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Well, this is a drama that I've been waiting for so long.. Actually the casts for this drama should be Ariel Lin and Jerry Yan but then it's decided that the casts are Ivy Chen, Choi Si Won, Lee Dong Hae, and Bianca Bai..

I haven't watched this drama but I've been waiting for so long since I have read the manga 3 times and I'm really glad that finally it's been filmed.. Ivy Chen looks very cute in this drama, not like Chen Lin in Black and White or Sun Shi Shi in I Want to Become a Hard Persimmon..

My favorite song is S.O.L.O by Super Junior M.. but actually, I haven't heard the others *lol*

>> click here to download <<


This is a 2010 drama series, starring by Hu Ge, Tang Yan, Roy Qiu, Qi Wei, Van Fan, and Dong Xuan.. This drama is really nice, especially if you are a huge fans of Qiu Ze - Qi Wei.. They really make a good and funny couple here.. I really love to see them flirt with each other and how they express love..

And in this drama, Qiu Ze sang a lot so I'm really happy to hear him after a long time he still hasn't released any album..

My favorite song is Mo Shou by Qi Wei.. And actually, I also love Wu Xie Ke Ji by Qiu Ze although this song is not officially released..

>> click here to download <<

Black and White

This is the best Taiwan action drama based on my opinion.. Starring by Vic Zhou, Ivy Chen, Mark Chao, and Janine Chang.. Ivy Chen looks very very pretty in this drama and Zai Zai also looks so handsome.. Mark Chao is also looks very nice in this drama.. Well, actually Chen Lin's character is almost the same as Sun Shi Shi's in I Want to Become a Hard Persimmon.. but I still like her so much..

My favorite song in this drama is Perfect Stranger by Jason Zou and Picks.. I'm sorry I haven't posted this drama's theme song but if you wished, I'll post it immediately.. :)

Sunshine Angel

This is Rainie's latest drama, starring by Wu Zun, Rainie Yang, Liu Zi Yan, Zhang Jun Ning, and other Fahreheit's members (Aaron, Jiro, and Calvin) also take a small part in this drama as well..

Actually the story is quite simple and the conflict is not much but it's worth watching because I think this is the first time Rainie Yang and Wu Zun collaborate and I think they really make a good couple..

And now I remember that I haven't had this drama's theme songs so I don't have any idea what song is the best but if you wish I can help finding it and posting it in this site..

Well, that's all that I can recommend for you and if you haven't watch those dramas, believe me, those are really worth watching.. That's all for today and I hope you enjoy this post..

Until next time ;)


Anonymous said...

I saw office girls, Agree 100% the best of 2011

Yesica said...

yey.. glad that you agree with me.. :)

Namaku Jatu said...

Love the list. Totally agree, they are great dramas. I haven't seen Unbeatable tough. I might go and find it now.

For the SOP Queen, you can watch it on Viki or browse on Youtube for "The Queen of SOP" they upload it super fast, it's in the 15th eps now hahaha..

I never knew Hans Zhang before, but I think he got a potential. Well, Qiao En always successfully brings out her co-player into huge fame :P
Anyways, what I love is that the drama is undubbed which I heard something rare came from a C-Drama. (They do dub Girl in Blue right? or it just me hearing wrong.) And HZ's voice is so soft so contrast to Ming Dao's, who join the drama as HZ's best buddy (yey bromance).

But, I learn my lesson, I think I am gonna stop and just wait till the DVD is out. I am totally lost in translation.

Qiao En sang the Opening song (I guess?) Though I am not a fan of her as a singer, I kinda like this one, somewhat catchy and gives you a happy vibe.

But the one drama you should anticipate is "Miss Rose", with Roy Qiu and Megan Lai. I got the feeling you fancy for Roy Qiu :D
They said the drama is kinda "Office Girl 2", which only makes me more curious coz I love Office Girl. And cant wait to Roy Qiu back in the screen.

Namaku Jatu said...

Love the list. Due to your influence, I became one of Roy Qiu's addicts. I haven't seen Unbeatable yet, but I am planning to buy it soon hehehe..
Anyways, you might as anxious as I am waiting for Miss Rose to come out. They say it somewhat “Office Girl 2”. I wanna see Megan Lai and Qiu Ze chemistry on screen.

Yesica said...

glad that you agree with me :) and thanks for the info.. I think I will watch it on Viki..

and yess, they dubbed the voice in The Girl in Blue and I really don't like the voice.. not really original, I think.. but thanks God that they didn't do dubbing for Unbeatable ^^

wow, what a useful info you gave there.. thanks for the info.. I'll try finding Qiao En's song, then :D and yes, I love Roy Qiu very much.. and me too, can't wait for the dvd of Miss Rose.. I saw the news a week ago and really crazy about it >.<

is it true that it will be Office Girls 2?? If that's real, then I will be really crazy waiting for it :D

PS : glad to know there is one more Roy Qiu's fans ^o^

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