Unbeatable (Gao Shou Ru Lin) OST [Download Link]

Hi everyone :)

Today I'm gonna talk about a drama series that I'm currently watching, Unbeatable (Wu Xie Ke Ji Zhi Gao Shou Ru Lin).. It is a 2011 drama which starred by Hu Ge, Tang Yan, Roy Qiu, Qi Wei, Van Fan, Dong Xuan, and Yumiko Cheng..

Maybe some of you notice that the casts of this drama are similar to Love Waking Up's casts.. But in this drama, Tang Yan will be with Hu Ge while Roy Qiu will be with Qi Wei..

Actually I'm really glad to know that because on Love Waking Up, I silently rooted for Xiang Tian Qi and Mu Zhi Qing (although I know it's impossible).. But I really love to see Qiu Ze and Qi Wei on this drama.. They really look nice together.. Handsome man and pretty girl.. :D

In this drama, Hu Ge played as Xu Ran, a general manager of V Company.. Tang Yan as Tang Qi Qi, a film maker for an internet news media.. Roy Qiu as Wei Xiao, a policeman and Xu Ran's best buddy who is very talented at sport and music.. Qi Wei as Ye Rou, Xu Ran's subordinate, a public relation director of V Company..

Well, for further information about this drama, I suggest you to watch this drama by yourself.. It's a pretty good drama and I have been waiting so long to watch this.. Now, I'll talk about the theme songs..

My favorite theme song of this drama is Mo Shou, which is sang by Qi Wei.. This song is used for the insert song of this drama.. I think this song is very easy listening and have a great meaning.. Here is the MV for this song, also give you a little trailer for this drama.. This MV contains only Wei Xiao and Ye Rou's scene..

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I have found some songs, and here I share the download link to you.. To download the song, simply left click on the title..

1. Gao Shou - Hu Ge (opening theme)

I'm sorry for bad quality for Gao Shou by Hu Ge.. I'll update it when I found a higher quality sound..

I hope you enjoy & see you soon :)

PS : bonus picture of Wei Xiao and Ye Rou
(they are really cute together) :D


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i want this song plzzzzzz Wu Xie Ke Ji by Qiu Ze

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