Yi Qian Ling Yi Ge Yuan Wang - 4 in Love [Download Link]

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If you are a huge fans of Rainie Yang (like I do), I believe you know that before she has her solo career as singer and drama idol, she was a member of 4 in Love..

4 in Love was a Taiwan female music group which created on 2000 by BMG music production but later on 2002, this group disbanded.. The member of this group was named like weather, those are Cloudie, Windie, Sunnie, and Rainie..

 Their songs were rarely successful on music charts, except Yi Qian Ling Yi Ge Yuan Wang (1001 Wishes) which is also one of my favorite songs..

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Actually, it's a pity that this group was not exist anymore.. but still, I hope all the best for Rainie as I really love her voice.. If you want to hear other song from 4 in Love, you can try to listen to Ming Zhong Zhu Ding.. It's a very beautiful song and I hope you also will like it..

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