Aaron Yan Sang a Song to Rainie Yang

Hi everyone :)

Today I'm gonna share with you a video that I've watched years ago.. This is a sweet scene between Rainie Yang and Aaron Yan.. This video was a clip when Fahrenheit was invited to be the guest for Guess Guess Guess show and Rainie was the host of that show..

Aaron said that he adores Rainie very much so the other hosts teased him to confess his feeling to Rainie but since they both felt shy, the other hosts told Aaron to sing a song to Rainie.. And here is the result.. Aaron sang Ai Mei to Rainie.. So sweet.. And look at his red face.. So cute, right? ;D

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This happened on about 2006 when Fahrenheit just began their debut, I think.. And this is the video where Aaron confess his feeling to Rainie on Hei Se Hui show..

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And here is a fan made picture of them both..

I hope you enjoy & I'll talk to you soon :)


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