Gu Dan Bei Ban Jiu [JUST FOR FUN]

Hi everyone :)

Suddenly I remember a song that I used to like so much.. That is a song by Ariel Lin, Gu Dan Bei Ban Jiu.. Actually this song is written and had been sang by Ocean Ou before, but I like Ariel's version better.. This song is very popular in Taiwan and had been sang by so much Taiwan singers like Fish Leong and S.H.E.. But still, I think Ariel Lin's version is the best.. Fyi, this song was also used for the ending song of Ariel Lin and Mike He's drama, Love Contract..

But today, I ain't gonna give you any version of this song I've mention above.. I'll give you my cover version of this song (sorry to make you disappointed :P).. But if you want to have this song, you can leave your comment below..

Seriously, this is is just for fun only because I was boring and I really miss this song so I just sang it and recorded it.. :D

Please let me know what do you think and hope you like it..


See you next time :)


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